Employee Recognition Analytics

Recognize provides multiple metrics to measure your company's employee recognition and employee rewards performance.

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Discover top employees in your employee recognition program

Recognize's employee recognition reports top staff based on a customizable gamification points system and more. Filter employees by both badge and group.

Filter by group or recognition badge to discover top staff.

Back up initiatives with employee recognition analytics

Attached to every employee recognition is a badge. The badge can be used to symbolize a company value and can be tracked over time. Enterprise customers can request further analytics and reports based on their special needs.

Badge graph shows which badges are sent each week.

People analytics in company values and qualitative attributes

In the company admin you can view the badge pie chart. It indicates overall percentage weights of your company values. View all employee recognitions associated with specific badges.

Pie chart of employee recogniton badges

Know your company's employee recognition engagement

The Employee Recognition Engagement Score (RES). 50% engagement for example

The Recognition Engagement Score (RES) shows the diversity of recognition recipients in the last month. Find the RES on the company admin and on the team pages.

Export employee recognition data

Export employee recognition data into CSV, Excel, or JSON formats in any date range. Use the data to discover top employees and analyze for predictive analytics.

Export employee recognition data.