@Mention colleagues, multiple funding accounts, & more!

February 23, 2023

Mentioning linked users in a comment or recognition

Recognize users can now @mention someone in a comment or recognition message to notify them of the comment or recognition without directly recognizing them.


Individual reward catalogs can be funded now!

Create rewards catalogs that individual catalogs can fund. Great for companies with multiple budgets across locations or departments. Recognize will work with each department with funding options.


Images are now in Announcements.

We love it.


Tasks or Challenges also have images now

Give it a try!


Team recognition can be disabled.

This is in the Company Admin Settings.


Nominations can include multiple users now.

Just start adding more users when nominating. Done!


Additional updates

  • The top header shows current redeemable points under the user’s name instead of interval points.
  • Improvements to Bulk Recognition
  • Users can now opt out of reward emails

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