Strategize your program with Recognize's gamification theory.

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Choose a celebration interval that meets your company's culture

With Recognize’s unique strategy, admins set an interval for when to highlight achievements in the organization. Then the interval point resets for new winners to rise up.

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Choose the interval that fits for you

White label Recognize to fit your company’s brand

In the Enterprise Package, our designers hand-implement whitelabeling for your brand by visiting your website and downloading your logo and primary colors. Whitelabeling takes just a couple of days to add.

White label your brand

Attach your company values to employee recognition

Choose our badges or upload your own

Upload your own or choose one of the preloaded badges.

Select five as how many recognitions can be sent

Restrict how often a recognition can be sent or received to create scarcity.

Write a description for the badge

Write descriptions for each badge for visibility across the organization

Your company. Your style.

We continue to learn from our customers what customizations to build. Here’s some of what we have learned.

  • Send message to employee’s manager via Yammer org chart.
  • Send email for daily recognitions
  • Turn on privacy to only your company employees to view recognitions
  • Allow posting recognition events to Yammer wall
  • Send email to all users who are the winners for the previous month
  • Send email for daily recognitions

The right type of recognition

Make recognition count by empowering each level of your organization.

An executive and an employee

Executive to staff

A manager and a few employees

Manager to employee

Many employees

Employee to employee

Customize points for every action

Users can receive points for receiving recognitions, sending recognitions, receiving likes, and sending likes. All this is customizable to fit your program. Or turn points off completely!

Set point limit to zero

Points for sending a like

Set point limit to one

Points for receiving a like

Set point limit to ten

Points for sending a recognition

Recognition analytics

Make decisions based on top values and more.

See our available analytics and reports