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Recognize automates peer recognition, company surveys, & rewards to reduce employee churn and increase productivity with Microsoft, Slack, Amazon, & 1,000s of gift cards.

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Integrated Survey System

eNPS score showing a company over time is getting better in their scores.

eNPS is free to use with Recognize. Send surveys via email, Slack, or MS Teams. Surveys are confidential and can be sent to the entire company or a specific group. Survey results are automatically analyzed and presented in a dashboard.

The Survey System

Recogintion icon
Value-Driven Social Recognition

Send recognition with emojis, gifs, and comments

The most configurable program on the market. One that can be done completely with non-monetary recognition with gamification or with monetary points. Full suite of engagement features with or without rewards enabled. This is thanks to the Recognize badging mechanics.

The Recognition System

Rewards icon
Automatic Reward Catalogs

Amazon gift card, Airbnb, Starbucks and more options. Custom rewards like time off or soon in app Amazon products

Recognize provides multiple levels of rewards providers: thousands of gift cards, Amazon products, bring your own Swag provider, company items, local rewards, and travel rewards. Mix and match or let us provide all of them.

The Rewards System
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Founded in San Francisco

Paid customers have a dedicated customer success manager in the United States to ensure success.

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Recognize Integrations

Through the Recognize API, Webhooks, and dedicated partnerships, Recognize supports connections to over 150 business tools.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

The premier Office 365 communication tool is enhanced with a powerful recognition app, Recognize.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Allow employees to easily send recognition and view rewards inside Outlook desktop and web.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint

Showcase recognitions, add a send recognition form, or view rewards inside different pages of Sharepoint.

Vive Engage

Vive Engage

Through the browser extension and sending recognitions to Vive, Recognize is #1 for Vive Engage (formally Yammer).



Send and receive recognition from within Slack.

User Sync with HRIS

User Sync with HRIS

Azure AD, Workday, ADP, and other HRIS systems use sFTP.

User provisioning with Okta

User provisioning with Okta

Recognize is in the Okta store. Find us there.



Find Recognize in the Android Play Store.



Find Recognize in the iPhone App Store.

Enterprise Features

  • Social Gamification

    Points, mentions, reactions, award certificates, TV Mode, badges, Hall of Fame, and much more.

  • Broadcasting

    Push notifications, text message SMS, Slack, MS Teams, emails (of course), Zapier, and with any Webhook-ready system, Recognize notifies your staff of activities.

  • Global Program

    Cost center budgeting, localization into any language across all mediums and international reward options supports companies no matter where they are.

  • Tailored Experience

    150+ configurations and settings allow for every company on Recognize to use it in their unique way. Everything from the logo, colors, features is configured by the company admins.

  • Robust Reporting

    Dashboards on users, badging across demographics, and overview people analytics across time are available to all customers.

  • ISO-27001 Security

    Ultimately, you get what you pay for in terms of online security. Recognize has strict security policies enabling the strongest international security certification.

An employee able to go to a store to buy things with the rewards they received.

3,000+ Reward Options

Recognize provides gift cards and company items for all major business hubs. Plus, local rewards is an option as well as Swag powered by Axomo.

Its been easy and fun to use, its great to see others successes.
I love that there is a reward system. It incentives me to hand out more recognition, which can never be doing too much of!
The product is easy to use and is great to give and receive recognition to your peers.

Easy to Use.
Straightforward to Start.


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