Employee Incentive Program

Add challenges to your recognition program to incentive manager sending their team recognitions or staff completing trainings.


From sales bonuses to wellness, it is easy to setup an employee incentive app

Create any type of challenges you want completed by specific roles in the company. For instance, have customer service specific challenges or technology specific challenges. Keep it fresh and add new challenges anytime.

How to make challenges in an employee incentive app

Send us a spreadsheet of challenges or create them in the Company Admin.
Pick a category for reporting and a role for who can complete the task.
Also choose a value that can be tied to points or a bonus.

Make any task easy in the Recognize employee incentive app

Employees report completion of challenges in the employee incentive app

A weekly wellness report, security certification, or following safety protocol, are all ideas for an employee incentive app. Staff can report challenges in Chrome, Outlook, Sharepoint, from this website, and more.

Report challenges

Painless manager workflow

Managers are notified when their direct reports complete the challenges. They have access to review and approve all their direct reports in the manager portal.

Managers and admins get a report of which challenges were completed by whom and what is the value of those challenges for a possible bonus or recognition.

Approve challenges

Staff use Recognize Incentives in the integrations

Complete challenges from Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and more.

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Employee incentive app ideas

A list of possible employee incentive ideas you can use in Recognize.

Wellness Program

  • Biked to work
  • Walked for 15min-1hr
  • Ate vegetarian for a day/week
  • Meditated for 5min-1hr

Environmental & Social Responsibility Program

  • Carpooled
  • Started battery recycling
  • Started compost program
  • Volunteered
  • Donated
  • Cleaned a park

Safety Program

  • Followed safety protocol
  • Asked for help
  • No incidents in 30 days
  • Moved slowly

Sales Bonus Program

  • Opened new account
  • Reached sales quota
  • Opened new loan/credit card/service
  • Contacted 100 prospects in a day

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