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The company never pays for points upfront, only at the time of redemption of a reward. There is no mark-up on the rewards. Recognize provides integrations into Amazon Business, thousands of international gift cards in 70 countries, as well as connect your own swag provider into Recognize. Companies can bring their own rewards into Recognize, such as a day off or VIP parking spot.

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From Amazon to Swag to Gift Cards, the Choices Are Endless

From Airbnb to Visa, we have the gift cards.

Offer Amazon as Rewards to Your Employees

Available to select customers. Meet with us to learn more. Watch the video of Rewards inside Microsoft Teams.

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Bring Your Own Company's Rewards

Give the gift of paid time off or a cash bonus through payroll in our employee rewards programs. The Recognize Team has listened to customer's needs for non-monetary rewards. Now companies can create rewards that are unique to them with Recognize Rewards package.

Offer employee rewards that the company fulfills, such as a day off.
Redemptions on mobile app

Reward Redemptions from Anywhere

Once staff redeem a reward from Outlook, the website, Mobile Web, Chrome extension, etc, they can then access their redemption from the mobile app or mobile web.

If the company admins of the recognition program enable automatic rewards, then once the employee redeems a gift card, the claim code will be available from their phone immediately. Be in line at Starbucks and get a free coffee within seconds.

Employee Data Reporting

Get fine grained and look at each employee's point history. Use the date range and free search to find specific types of activities. See the recognitions each employee likes or each task an employee completes.

Other reporting shows for entire organization, top redeemers, budgeting, and recognition history. All the data is exportable into XLS. Recognize stores data for you from the beginning of your program.

Shows an employees point history. How they received points. They can receive points for receiving recognition, send recognition, liking a recognition, or completing a task.

Bring Your Own Swag Provider

Through the Recognize employee rewards and recognition program, customer's can seamlessly transfer recognition points for credits to redeem items in their Company Store. Available with specific providers, such as Axomo.com.

Icons showing different currencies, such as GBP, Euro, Dollar, and Rupee.

Free International Currency Support

Send recognition to anyone in the world and at redemption time, they pick a reward in their currency and at their point exchange rate. That means it is fair for everyone, while it gives the company admins the control of an international rewards program.

Staff Reward Analytics

As a company admin of your Recognize employee recognition program, you will see reporting on staff and rewards. Learn which company-fulfilled rewards are the most popular. See which gift cards or charities staff are redeeming. Know which employees are the top redeemers.

Shows a pie chart of all the rewards staff have redeemed. Rewards like Amazon card or donating to Clean Water Fund.

Employee Reward Ideas

A list of possible employee reward ideas you can use in Recognize.

  • A special parking spot
  • Access to a conference
  • Power to make a certain type of decision
  • Be the team lead for a time period
  • Get a half day off
  • Get a day off
  • Lunch delivery
  • Dinner for two
  • Lunch with the CEO
  • Concert or movie tickets
  • Massage or spa pass
  • Pizza party for the team
  • Get a sports car for the day
  • A cooking class for two
  • Sky diving
  • Gift card
  • Window desk for the quarter
  • Corner office for a month
  • Be the CEO for the day
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What it means to be a Staff Rewards Manager in an employee recognition rewards app

A rewards manager is someone who is responsible to make a reward happen. When an employee redeems an employee reward in Recognize, the person indicated by the admin to be the rewards manager for that reward will receive an email. They will then be responsible to make sure that reward happens. It could be as simple as making sure they get their parking spot or lunch delivered.

Rewards manager

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The Full List of Countries Your Employees Can Redeem

You can pick which gift cards to provide in your unique catalog, right along with the on-site massages or time off.
The counrtries available continue to grow. Contact us to get the latest list.

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