Alternative Questions to Ask in an Employee Net Promoter Score Survey

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The original eNPS question is:
“How likely are you to recommend our organization as a workplace to a friend or colleague?”

What happens when you want to find out something a bit different in the eNPS or you’ve done the eNPS a few iterations now. Try to focus instead on retention, applying for Best Place to Work award, or get a gauge on people’s skill utilization.

eNPS Alternative Questions

“On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend our company as a great place to work?”

This question is more or less the same as the original eNPS question. Ask this question if you are thinking of applying to be a best or great place to work. Then, it can help identify areas for improvement and help boost employee satisfaction befor

“How satisfied are you with your job overall?”

Asking employees about their overall job satisfaction can help identify issues that may be affecting their work experience. This can include factors such as workload, company culture, and management.

“How well do you feel your skills and talents are being utilized in your current role?”

This question helps to gauge whether or not employees feel they are being utilized to their full potential in their current role. It can also identify areas where employees may wish to expand their skillset.

“How likely are you to stay with the company for the next 1-2 years?”

Asking employees about their likelihood to stay with the company can provide insight into employee retention rates. It can also identify areas where the company may need to improve to retain top talent.

“Are you proud to be an employee of this company?”

This question can help to identify employees who are passionate about their work and committed to the success of the company. It can also provide insight into company culture and employee morale.

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