Transitioning from Blueboard

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Blueboard transition to Recognize

The founders of Recognize, Peter and Alex, have known Taylor and Kevin since they started Blueboard. Coincidentally, the two teams started in Runway, an incredible co-working space that was in the same building as Yammer and Twitter in San Francisco. The Recognize Team has always been impressed with Blueboard and their strategy to go after experiences. We were sad to see Blueboard closed their doors and shutdown operations this week.

Recognize is offering Blueboard customers affected by the change a chance to keep going with their rewards and engagement strategies. See why you should make the transition.

Meet with us and mention you were with Blueboard. Here’s a few reasons why.

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Recognize Provides Travel and Experiences w/o Fees

Although Recognize isn’t a concierge travel and experience provider like Blueboard was, luckily there are now automated ways to handle this. Just like travel websites got rid of the need for travel agents, Recognize provides an automated experience for admins to help employees self-select the rewards they want when they want them.

Recognize Is the Only Rewards & Recognition Provider with No Loans to Pay Back

Recognize is the only top employee recognition and rewards platform with no VC dependence and no loans. Recognize’s financial runway is infinite and that’s thanks to slowly building a strong customer base rather than growing fast and depending on outside capital to continue existing. This ensures your data is safe with Recognize and Recognize won’t be shutting down. Recognize keeps a lean balance sheet to ensure operations can continue regardless of the economist forecast. Work with Recognize to know it will be your partner for the long haul.

Recognize is one of the top employee recognition programs.

No Pre-buying Rewards

With Recognize, companies do not ever pre-purchased rewards like in CFOs want to know their money isn’t being lost in a lose-it-or-use-it rewards program. Instead, companies set point budgets to throttle possible spend, but only at redemption of a reward of the employe’s choice are companies charged at cost. No mark-up or fees. When an employee books a hotel room, flight, or Groupon, they are getting 100% of the money the company spends. If the employee never redeems anything, then the company never spends.

Recognize rewards catalog with spas, hotels, and cruises.

Celebrate Recognition and Anniversaries on Microsoft Teams or Slack

Recognize is a robust technology solution connected to various third party business tools to ensure visibility and appreciation for staff’s years of service work anniversaries or going above and beyond. Spending more money isn’t always the answer to showing appreciation. Instead, let the employee choose how to spend the money they earn from recognition and anniversaries.

Send recognition and rewards via Slack or MS Teams

Migrating from

Blueboard was an amazing program and it was a shock to see them suddenly go this week. For all those affected by the change, Recognize is providing special pricing and discounts.

We’ll set you up for the future. It’s time to migrate to Recognize from Blueboard.

Meet with us and mention you were on Blueboard.

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