How Direct Report Managers Can Help Employees Feel Empowered Through Feedback

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Providing feedback to staff is an essential aspect of a manager’s role. When done effectively, feedback can help employees feel heard and empowered, leading to improved performance and job satisfaction. Here are five specific phrases and examples that managers can use to communicate their needs while making the employee feel empowered:

Feedback Situations & The Phrases Line Managers Can Utilize

  1. Acknowledge strengths before areas for improvement

    Start the conversation by recognizing the employee’s strengths. For example, “I appreciate your attention to detail and dedication to accuracy. I wanted to discuss a way we can enhance your communication skills to further excel in your role.”

  2. Focus on behavior and impact

    Instead of criticizing the person, focus on specific behaviors and their impact. For instance, “When you actively participate in team meetings and share your insights, it boosts collaboration and encourages others to contribute their ideas.”

  3. Encourage self-reflection

    Ask open-ended questions to encourage the employee to reflect on their performance. For example, “How do you think your approach to time management impacts your ability to meet deadlines?” This approach allows the employee to identify areas for improvement themselves.
    A team of workers in a meeting in person and on video.

  4. Offer support and resources

    Show your commitment to the employee’s growth by offering support and resources. For instance, “I noticed you are interested in developing your project management skills. Let’s explore some training opportunities or assign you to a project where you can further enhance those skills.”

  5. Collaborate on solutions

    Involve the employee in finding solutions rather than dictating them. For example, “Let’s brainstorm together to find a communication style that works best for you and helps you effectively convey your ideas in team meetings.”

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