Leveraging Recognize’s Announcements Feature for Effective Employee Engagement

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Effective communication is key to maintaining a healthy culture, and a productive and engaged workforce. One of the ways to effectively and efficiently communicate and engage with employees is through the use of the Announcements feature within Recognize. This feature can be leveraged in several ways to foster a culture of recognition, align the team with company values, and keep everyone updated on the latest initiatives. Below, we’ve outlined some ideas for how to engage your workforce with the Announcements feature.

Highlighting Company Values

The Announcements feature can be used to highlight each of your company values, one per month. This strategy provides an opportunity for focused discussion surrounding each of your values, and reinforces the importance of these values to all team members.

Sharing What Makes Recognition Meaningful

Sharing stories or examples of meaningful recognition can inspire others to recognize their colleagues. You can use our Announcements feature to share these stories and call out recognition that meets best practice standards so that others can follow the example.

Recognition Reminders

You can use the Announcements feature to gently remind everyone about the importance of recognition. Regular reminders can help ensure that recognizing others becomes a part of your company’s day-to-day and keeps recognition top of mind.

Upcoming Initiatives

Keep your team updated about upcoming initiatives using the Announcements feature. This can create excitement and engagement, and ensure everyone is aware of what lies ahead. This is especially powerful for outlining Nomination campaigns or upcoming Tasks.

Random Recognition Drawing Winner

If you use our random recognition generator on the Company Admin dashboard to conduct drawings for those who have sent and received recognition, you can highlight the winners in an Announcement. This visibility can motivate others to recognize their peers to become eligible for the next drawing.

Upcoming Holidays or Opportunities to Redeem Points

You can also use Announcements to remind employees about upcoming holidays or other opportunities where they can redeem their points. This can increase excitement and engagement with the rewards program at times that matter most to your company.

Introduce New Badges

When new Badges are added to the platform, using the Announcements feature to inform everyone about these additions and how they can be earned is always a great idea. Visibility and communication are crucial to adoption of the new Badge, so be sure to have a plan!

Announce New Rewards

Similarly, when new Rewards are added to your catalog, you can use the Announcements feature to highlight them. You never know who may have been holding on to their points for the most perfect Reward!

Share Progress on Company Goals

Finally, the Announcements feature can be used to share progress on company and program goals. Providing regular updates regarding milestone achievements can motivate the workforce and foster a sense of shared purpose. It’s also a great way to tie your programs back to your company’s goals so that employees can see how everything fits together.

In conclusion, the Announcements feature is a versatile and powerful tool for enhancing communication, promoting recognition, and fostering engagement within your organization. To learn more about the Announcements feature and how you can enable it, see our help article: Announcements: Step-by-step Instructions.

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