Microsoft Teams Badges vs. Recognize

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Both platforms offer customizable badge graphics and labels, as well as the ability to post recognitions to Teams. However, Recognize provides several additional features. It allows for custom descriptions, quantities, and points per badge. It also supports role-based recognition and nominations. Unique offerings of Recognize include point-based anniversaries, incentive challenges/tasks, and a soon-to-be-released feature for mailing physical letters for anniversaries.

A summary of the main differences between Recognize and Microsoft Teams Badges

Custom Badge Graphic

Both the MS Teams Badges and Recognize allow the customization of badge graphics to suit the company’s branding or theme.

Custom Badge Label

Similarly, both platforms offer custom badge label options, enabling the company to personalize their recognition system according to their needs.

Post to Teams

MS Teams Badges and Recognize both offer the ability to post to Teams, making it easy to share recognition within the team.

Custom Description

Unlike MS Teams Badges, Recognize offers a custom description option, adding more context and meaning to the recognition given.


Recognize stands out with its feature of assigning quantities to badges, allowing for more nuanced recognition.

Points per badge

In Recognize, each badge can have a certain amount of points assigned to it, further gamifying the experience and motivating employees.

Role-based recognition

Recognize allows for role-based recognition, making it possible to customize recognition based on the recipient’s role in the company.


Recognize also facilitates nominations, encouraging peer-to-peer recognition within the company.

Point-based anniversaries

Recognize offers point-based anniversaries, a unique way to celebrate work anniversaries with added rewards.

Incentive challenges/tasks

Recognize provides the option to create incentive challenges or tasks, further engaging employees and fostering a sense of achievement.

Physical letters mailed for anniversaries

Recognize offers the option to mail physical letters for anniversaries, adding a personal touch to the recognition process.

See the complete list below:

A thorough list of Microsoft Team Badges features and Recognize's features

MS Teams Badges Recognize
Custom Badge Graphic Custom Badge Graphic
Custom Badge Label Custom Badge Label
Post to Teams Post to Teams
Custom Description
Points per badge
Role-based recognition
Point-based anniversaries
Incentive challenges/tasks
Privacy per badge
Forced privacy per badge
Automatic role-based syncing from Azure
Manager reminder
Manager analytics
Manager reminders
Monthly manager direct report summary
Monthly manager summary to Admins
Company analytics
Custom Rewards
International Gift Cards
International Experiences (coming soon)
Amazon Catalog (coming soon)
Word count limit
Custom tagging
Boost recognitions with +1 for additional points
Points economy
Points for giving recognition
Webhooks + API + connection
Bulk recognition via spreadsheet
Yammer app
Outlook app
Sharepoint app
TV Mode
Award certificates
Hall of fame view
Leaderboard view
Team recognition
Admin Announcements posted to Stream, Email, or SMS
Frontline worker package with telephone support
Native iPhone + Android apps
Admin or Manager approval recognition
Webinars, community, dedicated customer success team
150 badge examples (
Physical letters mailed for anniversaries

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