Microsoft Teams Employee Experience Apps Review Comparison

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Microsoft Teams employee recognition apps review

The rating of employee recognition apps in the Microsoft Teams app store is an important factor to consider. These ratings provide insights into the user experience and overall satisfaction with the app. They are based on real user feedback and can help potential users make informed decisions about which app best suits their needs. A higher rating usually means the app is well-received by its users and can be seen as a testament to its quality and effectiveness.

Employee Recognition Microsoft Teams App Ratings April 2024

Employee Recognition Program Rating Votes
Applauz Recognition n/a No ratings
Recognize 4.9 76
Empuls 4.9 10
Perkbox 5.0 1
djob 4.7 3
Awardco 5.0 2
Qarrot 4.0 1
Matter 5.0 5
HelloTeam n/a No ratings
WorkHub BRAVO n/a No ratings
Nectar 4.5 101
Assembly 3.9 46
Tap My Back 4.2 6
Eloops 3.5 2
Kazoo n/a No ratings

Employee Experience App Types Explained

Employee Recognition Vendors on Microsoft Teams

Employee recognition vendors provide platforms that allow companies to acknowledge and celebrate their employees’ achievements. These platforms often come with features that enable peer-to-peer recognition, manager-to-employee recognition, and even company-wide recognition.

Microsoft Teams integrates a host of employee recognition vendors, including Applauz Recognition, Recognize, Empuls, Perkbox, djob, Awardco, Qarrot, Matter, HelloTeam, WorkHub BRAVO, Nectar, Assembly, Tap My Back, Eloops, and Kazoo. Each of these vendors offers distinct features and has varying ratings – a testament to their unique approaches to employee recognition.

Employee Experience Vendors on Microsoft Teams

Employee experience vendors are crucial to creating an ideal work environment. They provide tools that help companies understand their employees better, create a conducive work atmosphere, and boost overall work satisfaction. Microsoft Teams extends its platform to various employee experience vendors, enabling seamless integration with daily operations.

Employee Reward Vendors on Microsoft Teams

Rewarding employees for their hard work is a vital part of any company culture. Employee reward vendors offer creative and effective ways to reward employees, from gift cards and experiences to custom company swag. Microsoft Teams includes several employee reward vendors, facilitating easy reward distribution and tracking.

Microsoft Teams offers multiple integration methods, including the Company Tab, Channel Tab, Microsoft 365 Connectors for automatic channel posting, and bots for communicating notifications or responding to questions.

Employee Recognition Programs on MS Teams

  • Applauz Recognition: A web-based software designed to help employers boost employee engagement and performance through recognition and rewards.
  • Recognize: A cloud-based employee recognition platform that supports peer-to-peer recognition, manager recognition, and corporate recognition.
  • Empuls: An employee engagement platform that allows employees to recognize their peers and give them rewards.
  • Perkbox: A platform that provides a suite of products including recognition, rewards, perks, feedback, and communication for employees.
  • djob: A platform that provides a range of services including employee recognition, rewards, benefits, and wellness.
  • Awardco: A platform that partners with Amazon Business to deliver a vast selection of products for employee recognition and rewards.
  • Qarrot: A full-circle employee recognition software for small to mid-sized businesses.
  • Matter: A nudge-based platform that helps professionals become the best version of themselves.
  • HelloTeam: A cloud-based employee engagement platform that helps companies drive employee performance and satisfaction.
  • WorkHub BRAVO: A platform that helps businesses create a positive work environment by recognizing and rewarding employees’ accomplishments.
  • Nectar: A platform that allows for social recognition in a simple, fun, and gratifying way.
  • Assembly: A free recognition platform that is proven to increase employee engagement and productivity.
  • Tap My Back: An employee engagement software that helps businesses foster a positive workplace and reward employee achievements.
  • Eloops: A platform that helps companies build a positive culture through recognition, rewards, surveys, and more.
  • Kazoo: A comprehensive Employee Experience Platform that combines recognition, performance, and engagement in one powerful solution.

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