Company Admin Dashboard

At Recognize, we empower organizations to make data-driven decisions with our advanced People Analytics Dashboard. Discover your top employees across company values and track their performance over time to foster a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

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Company admin dashboard for Recognize people analytics

Align with Company Values

Our analytics help you ensure that employee performance is aligned with your company’s core values. Highlight and reward behaviors that reflect what your organization stands for.

Recognitions and activity over time in Recognize

Track Progress Over Time

Monitor employee performance and progress over time. Our dashboard allows you to see trends and patterns, helping you understand how your team is evolving and where additional support may be needed.

Enhance Employee Engagement

When employees know that their efforts are being tracked and appreciated, engagement and motivation levels rise. Recognize’s dashboard ensures that no hard work goes unnoticed.

Top employees by company value

Identify Top Performers

Our analytics dashboard provides insights into who your top performers are, based on key metrics and company values. Recognize the employees who consistently excel and contribute to your organization’s success.

Setting up birthday recognition

Improve Retention

Recognizing and rewarding top talent helps improve employee retention. Show your high performers that their contributions are valued and that there is a clear path for growth within your organization. Automatically recognize and reward months or years of service as well as group-generated employee recognition.

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