Employee Engagement Tools for Canada

Recognize is established with an office in Vancouver, BC. If you have an office in Canada or you are a Canadian company, Recognize provides a series of employee recognition & rewards programs for Canada through recognition, localization, and rewards.

Бидэнтэй уулзах
Gift cards provided by Recognize in the CAD currency, such as Air Canada, Amazon, Starbucks, Esso, Tim Hortons, and Visa.

Canadian Rewards

Recognize supplies Canadian companies with rewards applicable to you and in the Canadian Dollar (CAD). Brands like Best Buy, Starbucks, movie theaters, clothing stores, or just get the Visa card physical or virtual.

Amazon Business is also supported in Recognize along with bring your own swag provider. Your rewards catalog can consist of gift cards, Amazon, Swag, travel, and your own company items

A screenshot of code showing French translations

French Canadian

Recognize supports companies who need French Canadian language option. Employees can change their language from their user profile.

Canadian recognize companies

Working with great Canadian brands

Although Recognize does not do any outbound sales practices, more and more Canadian companies are reaching out to us for help. We are proud to help our neighbors in the North.

Please contact us for special Canadian promotions.

Recognize-ын мэдээллийн товхимол

Сүүлийн үеийн хүний нөөцийн мэдээ, нөөц бололцоо, зөвлөмж, технологийн талаарх мэдээллүүдийг байнга авч байгаарай. Хүний нөөцийн мэргэжилтний үнэ төлбөргүй зөвлөгөө болон тусгай саналыг хүлээн аваарай.