Easy Point Budgeting

Analyze and set up an easy budget and points system.

Бидэнтэй уулзах
Graph of points over time

Points Analytics

Always stay in the know of how points are being distributed in your employee recognition program with Recognize.

Allocation of points for specific employees.

Allocate Points to All Staff

All Staff can have the same amounts of points to give along with permissions around specific badges.

Distribute points to other people or change or delete.

Give Points to Specific Roles or Individuals

Give additional points to anyone in your company including executives, managers, or other departments.

Sending limits by currency

Stay in the Know of Budgeting

Always know how many points can be given out in specific time periods across the entire organization for sending recognitions. From there, create scarcity from specific badge sending limits.

Points remaining gauge

Staff Sending Gauge

Always know how many points are left for you to give out in recognition the main Stream page and when sending recognition.

Recognize-ын мэдээллийн товхимол

Сүүлийн үеийн хүний нөөцийн мэдээ, нөөц бололцоо, зөвлөмж, технологийн талаарх мэдээллүүдийг байнга авч байгаарай. Хүний нөөцийн мэргэжилтний үнэ төлбөргүй зөвлөгөө болон тусгай саналыг хүлээн аваарай.