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Enterprise Single Sign On ensures ease of use combined with security for your company. Recognize is in a number of SSO stores, such as Okta, Azure, and AWS.

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Okta, Onelogin, Ping, AWS, and Microsoft as SSO providers

Supported by top SSO providers

Recognize is inside the Azure, AWS, Okta, and other SSO application app connection catalogs. This allows one-click set up to enable single sign on identity management for your employees and Recognize.

This means none of your employees in SSO will have to set a password with Recognize.

SSO settings in

Custom SSO setup

Recognize provides a form in the Company Admin that allows HR or IT to set up custom configuration of any SAML 2.0 SSO provider.

That means in about 15min, most IT professionals can set up SSO with providers, such as Google.

A sign in screen customizated for the company where staff can login with a usename and passowrd, or SSO.

Configurable login

Recognize not only themes the login page with your logo and colors, but also allows Admins to choose the options for login.

If not everyone in your company is in your SSO provider, staff can still set a ISO-27001 compliant password.

Further, Company Admins can enable OAuth style login mechanisms as a third option, such as Google, Microsoft, or Yammer.

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