Recognize Teams

When you Recognize a team, everyone is reminded why they are needed in the company. With Recognize, company leaders sync organizational groups for analytics and quick group appreciation. Plus, everyone can see the groups or teams in the feed and it syncs with third party business tools, such as Microsoft 365.

Бидэнтэй уулзах
Team show page in Recognize with recognitions for that team, engagement of the team, points of the team, who is in the team, and badges of the team.
Recognizing specific groups, such as the Oakland Nurses.

Recognize Entire Teams or Groups of Employees

Employees can send social employee recognition to entire groups in one message. This makes it really easy to have everyone receive recognition on the quarterly basis.

Sync users and team information into Recognize

Sync groups as Recognize Teams

The Recognize Teams allows companies to view recognition and analytics around any group in the company.

Sync your groups from your HRIS  or Office 365 into Recognize.

Group leaderboards

Leaderboards & stats for groups

Recognize’s configurable leader boards can show employees or Admins stats and rankings of the groups in your company.

A drop down of user filters to see stats on different types of groups of employees, such as role, country, or team.

Engagement reports for teams

The Admins have access to exportable engagement reports on Teams as well as other employee groups.

Recognize-ын мэдээллийн товхимол

Сүүлийн үеийн хүний нөөцийн мэдээ, нөөц бололцоо, зөвлөмж, технологийн талаарх мэдээллүүдийг байнга авч байгаарай. Хүний нөөцийн мэргэжилтний үнэ төлбөргүй зөвлөгөө болон тусгай саналыг хүлээн аваарай.