Theme and Customize the Recognize Experience

We know companies really want to represent their brand in third party tools. Why sacrifice customization when moving to the cloud? With Recognize, companies get a custom CSS stylesheet that allows for complete control over what is visible in the application and how the application looks. Further, email look and feel is completely customizable with your logo and your colors.

Бидэнтэй уулзах
Recognize is customizable and theme-ready.

Customize the Look & Feel from Mobile to MS Teams

Make the program your own even with the communicate we send via email. Change the logo and colors with a preview on the right.
Recognize employee engagement app is theme-ready

Customize the Automated Award Certificate

Every recognition creates an award certificate. Recognize allows you to choose your own.

Customize Your Staff's Getting Started Experience

Recognize allows admins to choose their own PDF or video to show how to get started for the employees when you launch.

Check out Recognize’s communicate posters and guides here.

Customize stylesheet in Recognize app

Down to the Code

Under the covers, Recognize provides a custom CSS stylesheet that our team will edit for you to accomplish your needs in customization. If you need something removed in our web app, anything, we can do it.

Customization of phrases in the Recognize website

Custom Phrasing

Recognize can change phrases in the emails and the web app to your phrases. Check the setting to see how.

Recognize-ын мэдээллийн товхимол

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