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Galvanize Culture with Slack + Recognize

The power of Recognize now inside Slack to easily allow staff to send recognition when the moment happens.

Send a badge to a user by typing /recognize @user

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Real-Time People Analytics & Leadership Reports

Recognize provides the reporting your leadership and HR need to communicate your culture and spend data.

Recognize employee recognition points reporting.

Staff Redeem Rewards from Points Earned in Slack

Staff earn points for recognition sent and received. Points can be redeemed for rewards, including Amazon, gift cards, charitable donations, and non-monetary rewards.

Leadership Loves How It Promotes The Core Competencies Within Slack

With 150 graphics to choose from for value badges, your admins can set up Recognize exactly like your brand. Always with the choice to upload your brand to Recognize.

Be a power user and send a recognition with a message
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