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The Recognize Book

Types of Employee Recognition Programs

Employee recognition programs come in many forms and acknowledge employees’ hard work and contributions. These programs can include both individual and team-based rewards, as well as short-term and long-term incentives. This section will discuss the different types of employee recognition programs, including peer-to-peer recognition, service awards, performance bonuses, and more. Organizations can tailor recognition efforts by understanding these options to suit their workforce’s needs and goals.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Peer-to-peer recognition is an employee recognition program in which colleagues either privately or publicly acknowledge and praise each other for their work.

Peer-to-peer recognition is a key aspect of the Recognize platform, as it makes it easy for employees to give and receive recognition through its user-friendly interface and streamlined processes. Employees can use the platform to send recognition to their colleagues, which can be a virtual badge, a personalized message, or even a small reward. 

Sending recognition on the Recognize app is a simple process. You can watch the tutorial here.


A point-based reward system rewards employees for meeting goals and milestones with points that can be exchanged for rewards like gift cards, merchandise, or other incentives. The points can also be accumulated over time to redeem for bigger rewards. In peer-to-peer programs, the points are distributed by your peers, creating a level playing field. In tools like Recognize, company admins can ensure different badges or types of recognition are only received a certain number of times a month or quarter. At the same time, try not to be preemptive in any decision making around controls. Watch how users use the recognition program and decide accordingly.

The Recognize platform offers a customizable points system where companies can set their own criteria and values. For example, a company might assign a point value of 50 points for completing a project on time and 100 points for achieving a sales target. These points can then be accumulated by employees and redeemed for rewards. The points can equal dollars.

The point systems can be the following:

One point equals one dollar

Transparent program



Ten points equals one dollar

Flexible program



One hundred point equals one dollar

Gamification program


Service Awards

Service awards are when companies show appreciation and recognition for years of service. 

On the Recognize app, employers can acknowledge and award employees who have achieved a significant milestone in their tenure with the company, such as reaching a certain number of years of service.

Make your own at https://recognizeapp.com/award-certificate/service-anniversary


Service Awards Offerings by Recognize

  • One of the features of an employee service program or on something like Recognize is its visibility. Broadcast onto various internal communication channels, such as Slack, MS Teams, SMS, and email, to ensure all employees know their colleagues’ anniversaries and birthdays. This means all employees can see who is recognized for their long-term service and interact with it.
  • Recognize can also automatically notify managers when their employees celebrate a work anniversary or birthday. Managers never miss an opportunity to take action to recognize and celebrate their employees’ milestones.
  • Employees can redeem points from reward catalogs created and customized by the company. The rewards catalog can include items the company chooses to celebrate the employee’s anniversary, such as a gift card or a personalized gift.

Offer the option to staff to send anniversary letters, pins, or other physical items to their employees. This can create a tangible keepsake for the employee to remember their milestone.

Recognizing and engaging new employees during their initial months is crucial. Acknowledging their hard work and achievements during the first, three, and six months can boost their loyalty and commitment to the organization. Plus, it can be done automatically.

Nomination Programs

Nominations are the ubiquitous employee of the month or year award program. Staff vote on someone to receive an advanced award. The award committee and other nominees for the final selection process would then consider this person. The award winners are announced at the quarter town hall or yearly ceremony.

The nomination program on Recognize works by allowing employees to nominate their colleagues for recognition. Nomination programs can include categories such as:

  • Employee of the Month
  • Team Player of the Year
  • Innovation Award of the Quarter

Once a nomination is made, it can be reviewed by managers or other designated individuals in 

the organization, who can then approve or reject the nomination.

Setting up an employee nomination is as easy as creating a custom badge in Recognize. Review the help desk guides for more information.

Once your nomination badge is created, it will be available for employees to earn by meeting the criteria you set.

When creating badges, keep in mind that both nomination and recognition programs have unique benefits and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization. Ultimately, it is important to find the right type of recognition program that aligns with the organization’s culture and effectively communicates its employees’ values and appreciation. Here are some Nomination ideas in Recognize that you might find interesting:

Employee of the Month

The Employee of the Month award is a program where a company recognizes one or more employees every month for their outstanding performance, attitude, or achievements. The criteria for selecting the employee of the month varies from company to company, and it’s important to let employees know what’s expected of them to be nominated. So, the criteria for the program should be clearly explained to them beforehand. This will help them understand the behaviors they need to show to win.

Safety Award

Safety awards are given to employees who have demonstrated safe behavior and practices in the workplace. These awards can serve as positive reinforcement for safe behavior and encourage employees to continue following safety guidelines. Industries that are more likely to use safety incentive programs are manufacturing, warehousing, and construction.

Customer Service Awards

Customer service awards are given to employees who have provided excellent customer service. These awards can be in the form of certificates, trophies, or monetary rewards. Providers, like Recognize, are there to create the point system and distribute the awards. Companies use these awards to encourage employees to provide better customer service and to motivate them to go above and beyond in their work.

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