Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 2023

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National Employee Appreciation Day is a nationally recognized workday towards honoring employees and taking time to appreciate and celebrate their accomplishments. Recognizing your staff for their hard work can make a huge difference in employee engagement and satisfaction. Engaged employees can bring the best results for your company.

On Employee Appreciation Day, there are many ways to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate your team. Here are a few ideas:

Resources for Employee Appreciation Day 2023

Utilize badges for employee appreciation day inside Recognizeapp.com and printable Moo.com template post cards to mail to staff this week.

Badges for employee appreciation day 2023

Badges for employee appreciation day (ZIP File)


Employee appreciation day


Happy Employee Appreciation Day


Thank you

Thank You



Great Job Card

Great Job

Arrange Team Games or Contests

Games and contests are great ways to enhance team spirit and collaboration. Your organization can arrange for fun games to build better team spirit and appreciate your employees’ hard work.

Virtual games, trivia contests, and scavenger hunts are great examples of showing appreciation and team building. Make sure to host games that all your employees can participate in. The whole setting should promote fun and teamwork!

Treat Your Team to Lunch

Another way to make employees feel appreciated is to treat them to a meal or treat. This could include a catered lunch, bringing in a local food or coffee truck, having a team barbecue, setting up an ice cream bar or dessert buffet, or even just stocking the break room with snacks!

Make sure to prioritize your employees’ choices or potential food allergies while choosing the restaurant, food truck, or snacks!

Treat Your Staff to a Fun Experience

Employee Appreciation Day is a great time for you and your team to take a field trip! You can explore a local museum, park, or winery, or do a fun activity like bowling, or mini golf. It will give you a chance to tap into your employees’ interests while getting to know your local community.

A field trip can create great memories for your employees while giving you opportunities to enjoy local attractions. You can even learn something new and generate new ideas to implement in your organization.

Use a Recognition Platform

You can use a Platform like Recognize to encourage recognition across your team. Meaningful public recognitions (top down or peer-to-peer) can make a big impact, not just on Employee Appreciation Day, but year round. 

Using platforms like Recognize make recognizing and rewarding your staff easy and fun! Employees can earn points for their hard work and redeem those points in a catalog with hundreds of rewards partners!

Send a Thank You Note or Post Card

Letters and postcards are a time-honored way to show your staff your appreciation. This gives your thanks a personal touch, and can encourage employees to keep up their good work.

A good appreciation letter can make your employees feel more engaged with their workplace, and can be a fun keepsake.


Record a Thank You Video

A thank you note or card can be a great way to show appreciation, but you could go one step beyond that and record a thank you video. You can even get your whole leadership team involved in the video by letting them share their appreciation for your staff! If appropriate, the video can even be posted to your company’s website or social media platforms!

Bring in Some Entertainment

Sometimes a good way to show your staff that you value their hard work is by offering them a break to enjoy some local entertainment. You can bring in a comedian, a local band, or even a magician to put a smile on your team’s faces!

Make a Donation

You can donate to a charity or cause on behalf of your staff by letting employees vote on what is important to them. Your team members will appreciate the opportunity to have input in the decision and will feel valued by you showing interest in something they care about!

Offer Some Time Off

You can really show your employees you know they work hard by offering them a little time off! This can be a full day off, a half day off, or just an extended lunch break. Because Employee Appreciation Day is always the first Friday in March, you can even offer them this day off, giving them an unexpected three-day weekend!

Gift Giving

You can thank your team for their year-round dedication by giving them each a small gift, such as stationary, company swag, work tools, a free Kindle book, or points using platforms like Recognize, which allows them to choose their own reward, like a gift card!

Bottom Line

The catalyst for a productive workforce is having great employee engagement and appreciation, and Employee Appreciation Day is a great time to show your staff how much you care.

Recognition platforms like Recognize can be very helpful in this manner. You can easily recognize employees for holding up your company’s values, reward them for their hard work, and track employee engagement. For more Employee Recognition Ideas, see our article “140 Top Employee Recognition Ideas“. 



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