Recognition Ideas to Reward Employees for Perfect Attendance

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perfect attendance award in the workplace

It is important to recognize that the employees who are consistently keeping up their attendance records, deserve to be recognized and appreciated. They are going above and beyond what they are expected to do and are really taking on the mantle of the ideal employee.

It is important to note that this will have significant benefits for your business and your final bottom line. Also, when some of the employees of a workforce are putting in such exemplary effort, it will also motivate the other employees to do their best as well. 

This is why it is important that we recognize employees who have perfect attendance records. People who are considered to be thought leaders in these fields have constantly pointed out that absenteeism can have drastically negative consequences for the company’s bottom line. 

Therefore, in this article, we will be taking a look at how you can properly reward your employees with perfect attendance records. Note that there are right and wrong ways of doing things. In this article, we will talk about the awards that actually mean something to your employees and inspire them to do even better. 

Proper Ways to Make Incentive Programs for Perfect Attendance

A good motivational incentive program for perfect attendance has to start with a clear and well-defined company policy. Make sure that this is available in physical form and is also easily accessible for all employees. 

Another very important thing to do in this regard is to make sure that all leaves, work hours, vacation days, sick days, and paid leave are all documented properly. The idea here is to make sure that no one who does not deserve it gets unduly punished because of these policies. 

It is your responsibility to make sure that clear goals and policies are set for these attendance awards. These policies and goals should clearly reflect realistic expectations and also outcomes that are achievable. Also, it is always a good idea to select rewards that will properly align with the company culture. 

Ways to Reward Employees With Perfect Attendance

How you are going to hand out perfect attendance awards will depend on the type of company you run and also the culture of your workplace. It is not uncommon for attendance awards to include many different kinds of attendance incentive programs and also different kinds of rewards according to the attendance levels of different employees. Let’s take a look at some ideas you can utilize to appreciate your employees with perfect attendance. 

Cash Bonus

This is a type of attendance bonus program and recognition that almost everyone will like. Who does not like to get extra cash? Literally no one. So, if you want to recognize your employees for their excellent attendance, this may be the first and most obvious way to go about it. 

Commemorative Plaques/Certificates

Recognizing employees with perfect attendance publicly is a great way to really boost their motivation and confidence levels. This is another excellent way to recognize employees who are diligent about their attendance records. 

Increase in Salary

Another very obvious and yet overlooked facet of recognition of perfect attendance is to give the employees in question an increase in salary. This will make sure that they feel valued by the company for their exemplary performance at work. As a result of this, you will have much more loyal employees who will go that extra mile for you. It’s a perfect attendance award for employees.

Extended Lunch Breaks 

Employees who are extremely adept at their jobs and are extremely punctual will really appreciate it if you give them longer lunch breaks. This small token of appreciation can really go a long way and it will not cost the company anything either. These are people who have proven that they can get the job done in time and hence, can be afforded that extra bit of break. 

Free Paid Day Off

Another really great way to show your appreciation for employees with perfect or near-perfect attendance records is to give them a paid day off. This extra benefit should be given to those employees who meet some predefined criteria. 

Outings and Special Events

A really great way to energize employees and motivate them is to take them out for lunches at fancy restaurants with senior management being present. This will not only allow employees to express their appreciation but they can also present ideas they may have that can help the company. 

Promoting Them to a Senior Role

Since these are the employees who have categorically proved that they can be relied upon, it may be a good idea to promote them to a more senior role and also to give them more responsibilities. This will also demonstrate that you really trust the competency of your employees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Good Attendance at Work?

This will undoubtedly vary from organization to organization but there are a few basic things that ought to apply to all organizations. 

When we talk about good attendance records, we are not just referring to not calling in sick every other day. There are a lot of components to a great attendance record. This includes things like starting at the correct time, finishing duties by the allotted time, and also making sure to attend all types of appointments and meetings. 

Q. Why is good attendance at work important?

It is extremely important that you make sure that all your employees are attending work properly. These are the people who are responsible for running your business and if they are not present at work, it is very obvious that your company’s performance will be hampered. 

Q. How do you manage employee attendance?

The first step you need to take to make sure that your employees are attending work properly is to define and establish a clear policy for attendance. This will really help you run your business a lot more smoothly and will also help employees understand what is expected of them. 

Final Words

So, in conclusion, we have to state that perfect attendance awards are really important and something that you ought to take into consideration very seriously. Not only will it help boost the morale of the employees with great attendance records but it will also motivate the rest of the workforce as well.

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