What to Do after Completing an eNPS Survey

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After completing an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) survey, such as with the Recognize eNPS, it is essential for companies to take appropriate actions based on the results. If you haven’t started yet, here are three tips to consider when setting up an eNPS.

Here are levels of results in the survey to consider once the survey is complete.

When eNPS Scores are Very Low (1-3)

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Not what you were hoping for

If the eNPS scores indicate a high number of detractors, it is crucial for the company to address the underlying issues that are causing dissatisfaction among employees. This may involve conducting further surveys or interviews to gather more specific feedback. Companies can also consider implementing strategies to improve employee engagement and satisfaction. Often times, you can simply read the answers and summarize the results with GPT or look for commonalities yourself. If you can address the biggest complaints before next survey, you should see a big improvement from a bad score.

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When eNPS Scores are Low (4-6)

When the eNPS scores are low (4-6 score), companies need to work hard to get the staff to become promoters. This may involve addressing specific concerns raised by employees, enhancing communication channels, or providing additional resources and support.

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Active listening goes a long way

Getting people to become promoters from the bad score is harder than from Very Bad. The concerns will be more nuanced and require more dedication. Delegate tasks to managers to incorporate key questions into one-on-ones and provide additional anonymous free form and qualitative surveys, such as with TypeForm.com, to dive into and summarize answers. Tie manager KPIs on how well they are able to turn their team’s score around.

Focus on tackling these major issues before surveying again. Focus the next quarter goal across management to improve key processes and behaviors. Reevaluate the state of the company. Leadership should read and learn how to implement a culture of conscious leadership where staff and managers “above the line”, or they are coming from a place of modern business management approaches that fits with todays culture.

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When eNPS Scores are High (7-10)

If the eNPS scores indicate a high number of promoters (score of 9 or 10), it is valuable for companies to leverage this positive feedback to their advantage. Congrats to you! 🎉

If you see scores of 7 and 8, you still have work to do to get people to become promoters. At least you can rest assured know you are on the right track!

Recognize and appreciate employees for their contributions, as well as celebrate the achievements of the organization. Additionally, use the feedback to identify best practices and areas of success that can be replicated throughout the company. Discover how to make the most of positive eNPS scores. In the end, companies want to see mostly 9s and 10s, and keep iterating until you see that.

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Learn, Adjust, Survey, Repeat

Remember, regardless of the eNPS scores, it is important for companies to continuously monitor and address the feedback received from employees to create a positive and engaging work environment.

➡ Next steps could be changing the question. See other ways to measure the company engagement through an eNPS.

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