Badges are perfect for employee recognition programs because they easily symbolize company values or behaviors. In Recognize, 84% of employees better understand the company values thanks to badging.

Configuring a badge in Recognize
Recognize app company custom badges

Upload your own badges

The employee recognition badges inside Recognize are completely customizable. The image, title, description, and more are changeable.

The Recognize team is dedicated to providing a customizable experience. Contact us to learn more.

Banking badges

Banking badges

Download the Recognize company value finance and banking badges for free.

Increase cyber security awareness and improve customer support through badging.

Recognize badges

Download the original Recognize badge set

Recognize gives the original 30 badges away to the public for free with attribution. You can download the icons and badges here.

Healthcare badges

Healthcare badges

Download the Recognize company value healthcare badge set specifically with hospitals in mind.

Support safety measures to lower safety instances. Give thanks to those much needed healthcare workers.


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