Healthcare Employee Recognition

Clinics and healthcare companies need to consider a multi-faceted approach to combat nurse burnout. Adding employee recognition to your workflow helps reach healthcare goals of reduced burnout.

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Nurse Burnout Research

See the groundbreaking study by Recognize on epidemic nurse burnout and what to do about it through an employee recognition program.

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Healthcare Case Study

How to increase employee engagement over time amongst healthcare workers with an employee recognition program.

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Company Values For Healthcare Employee Recognition

The following are company values that healthcare companies can use to promote excellence, safety, and wellness with their medical staff.

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    Thank You

    For lending a helping hand to someone in need.

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    We know the work we do is not easy, and in the face of it all you are able to come in on a regular basis and get the job done. Thanks so much!

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    Flu Vaccination

    Thanks for being a self-starter with getting a flu shot. It means a lot to the organization and to the patients. Plus, hopefully you will not get sick this year!

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    Voice of Safety

    Makes sure to follow safety protocols and uses agreed upon verbal cues. Does not hold back from speaking up on safety. Displays leadership qualities on topics of safety.

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    Team Player

    Supports fellow teammates by assisting floating nurses and others with all tasks involved, such as discharge or admissions. Partners and mentors with other staff.

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    Above & Beyond

    Went above and beyond in duties outside of routine. Stepping in to assist with throughput.

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    Injury Free

    Been injury free for 30 days or was injury free during emergency. Encourages others to follow processes to avoid injuries.

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    Infection Protection

    Practices prevention strategies to protect yourself, patients, and others. Follows hand hygiene standards and aseptic techniques.

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    Care Transition

    When the patient is discharged in the morning. The patient is safely discharged. Coordinate with case management for needed items at home health follow up.

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    HIPAA Hero

    Thanks for all your efforts in helping your organization be HIPAA compliant!

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    For showing compassion, empathy, or special care for yourself, your team, and the patients.

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    Following best practices around ambulation. Ensuring efficient and safe movement of patients and yourself.

10 Todos for a Successful Healthcare Employee Recognition Program

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    Include everyone

    Make sure all staff have access to the employee recognition portal. Have Recognize inside Outlook, mobile, TVs in hallways and everywhere people work.

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    Give rewards your staff want

    The number one requested reward from healthcare workers is extra paid time off. Paid time off can help burnt out healthcare workers to recharge and find their passion for their work again. Offering relaxation experiences such as massages, yoga, or meditation classes can also help staff to relax and reduce burnout.

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    Everyone deserves recognition

    Use award certificates to give status. Make the recognition personal. Ensure everyone is recognized at least twice a year for meaningful contributions.

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    Promote what’s important

    Give recognition around your organization’s specific values such as Safety, HIPAA Compliance, Patient Feedback, or Infection Protection.

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    Encourage health and wellness

    With Recognize, you can incentivize your staff to take care of their physical and mental health by offering rewards for steps, exercising, or biking to work.

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    Provide easy peer-to-peer recognition

    Reducing barriers for your staff to send recognition is key in ensuring adoption. Add a recognition tool to Outlook, mobile, or shared kiosks, and make sure everyone can be invited to use the platform.

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    Correlate recognition data to KPIs

    Is your recognition and rewards program lowering the rate of infection, number of safety issues, or HIPAA violations at your organization? Track data points and correlate KPIs to see relationships.

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    Choose partners that value privacy and security

    Knowing that your data is safe and protected is crucial for healthcare organizations. Make sure that any vendors you work with store employee data encrypted and that contract agreements do not allow selling of personal data.

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    Develop a communications strategy

    Use posters, free standing banners, desk cards, email signatures, and town halls to communicate the recognition program and how it can be best utilized.

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    Train managers

    Managers are the rubber that meets the road in a recognition program. Set time aside with your recognition vendor to host webinars where managers can learn best practices.

Recognize pays for itself. And then some.

9 out of 10 employees agree, Recognize increases staff retention and employee satisfaction. Plus, automated employee recognition frees up cycles for HR.

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