• employee engagement strategies

    20 Effective Employee Engagement Strategies In Workplace

    To run a business properly, it is important to ensure that the employees are engaged with the workplace. If the employees of a company are highly engaged, it does wonders for the company regarding experiencing growth and bringing in results. Getting employees engaged with the workplace is highly effective for a business strategy but can’t be done easily. You’ll need to put an effective employee engagement tactics program in motion.

    Employees need to get motivated by the higher-ups so that they can feel more engaged with the workplace. Everyone likes to get appreciated and recognized for their good work. The same thing works for the employees of an organization or a business too. If they get appreciated and recognized enough for their hard work and efforts, they feel more engaged with the workplace. As a result, they feel more driven to keep doing better in their jobs, which in turn helps the company to see massive growth and success. 

    That’s why every company needs to have some practical and successful employee engagement strategies to keep their employees happy and engaged and bring in better results. This article will look into 20 effective employee engagement strategies that you can implement in your company.

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  • Employee on computer

    Color Contrast Rules to Live by for HR Tech

    Do your HR tech tools and apps conform to web content accessibility guidelines? What about your own website or content? Learn how to check and make sure everyone can use your products successfully.

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  • Employee Recognition Quotes

    Top 45 Most Engaging Employee Recognition Quotes in Workplace

    Dedicated and engaging employees are precious assets of an organization. They contribute their best to the organization and increase productivity. It’s the job of companies to keep their employees motivated, engaged, and competent.

    Appreciation and recognition go a long way to keep employees engaged. These practices motivate employees to give their best work for the organization’s growth. 

    Leaders understand the importance of supporting, prioritizing, and thanking employees for their support and excellent work. However, getting inspiration from successful business leaders, authors can help new leaders to develop their strategies.

    For helping future leaders, here are some inspirational recognition quotes for employees. You can use these quotes as your desktop wallpaper, banner, poster for reminding you of the importance of employee recognition.

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  • recognition of achievements

    How to Give Recognition of Achievement

    For employees to feel motivated and develop superior work ethics, proper recognition from their respective employers is crucial. Not getting proper recognition is one of the key reasons people leave their job.

    The ultimate goal of recognition programs is to bring out the best in the employees and enhance productivity. Moreover, employees expect their workplace to be engaging and enjoyable. For building a loyal and stable workforce, an organization requires recognition of the achievements of its employees. However, certain factors must be considered.

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  • years of service awards

    Employee Years of Service Awards and Milestones Awards

    Not all the years of service awards are the same. Some lack the excitement, some are too jumbled, and some programs are not even liked by those participating in them.

    There are some definite reasons why a lot of these milestone awards or service-related awards are not utilized to their full potential. This is a sort of lost opportunity for many companies when it comes to making sure their employees feel appreciated and seen.

    Employee service and milestone awards are the traditional ways of improving employee engagement and satisfaction. It’s also one of the main ways of showing your appreciation towards your dedicated employees. When these employee service award programs are ignored or neglected, they also increase the chances of disengaged and unmotivated employees.

    It’s essential to provide visibility to your employees. This will make them feel more recognized and appreciated.

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  • Employee Awards

    A List of Meaningful Employee Awards

    Recognition for a job well done fulfills a basic human need for acknowledgment and affirmation. It also helps to keep staff engaged and motivated. The WorkHuman Research Institute’s study on ROI of achievement recognition found that 82% of employees are more engaged, and 79% involve themselves more when they receive regular recognition for their work. When we are recognized for our contributions, we naturally engage at a higher level and contribute more. Award certificates take recognition a step further by not only showcasing an employee’s achievements but also serving as a memento of accomplishment and appreciation.

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  • 45 Inspiring Employee Appreciation Awards Ideas in 2021

    45 Inspiring Employee Appreciation Awards Ideas in 2021

    Employee appreciation isn’t something you need to do as an act of charity, it will also have a very positive impact on your business. You won’t find anyone that doesn’t like to get appreciated and valued for their hard work and efforts. This is even more true for the employees of an organization or a business. If you want to keep the morale of your employees high, and want them to stay productive, it is necessary you give them employee appreciation awards.

    You need to recognize the efforts and hard work that your employees put in for your business. It is paramount that you make them feel noticed, appreciated, and recognized. This won’t only keep your employees happy, it will also have a significant amount of impact on the workplace. These will mean important metrics such as employee engagement, productivity, and retention goes up.

    Employee appreciation awards have now become an integral part of the corporate culture. It adds value to the hard work and achievements of the employees in different and unique ways. Due to this, employee appreciation award systems have become popular in organizations and businesses. Providing your employees with the appreciation they deserve will help you get the best out of them. When an employee gets applauded and recognized for their good performance, they feel elated and inspired to keep doing a good job. It also drives them to have bigger goals and ambitions and to be even better in their jobs.

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  • Vaccination

    Covid-19 Vaccination Badge

    When your employees get the vaccine, give them monetary recognition. Send it either as a group recognition or individual recognition. The recognition can be sent privately or publicly shared to Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer. The vaccination recognition can be sent as an executive impersonated by an executive assistant.

    Here’s the graphic to help.

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  • Reward & Incentives for Employees

    Rewards and Incentives for Employees - Employee Motivation at Its Peak

    If the higher-ups offer proper rewards and incentives to their employees in a workplace, it doesn’t only benefit the employees. It also benefits the employers too. Rewards and incentives for employees are used in numerous workplaces these days in order to motivate the employees and boost their morale. These things also help to develop teamwork among the employees through friendly competition.

    Providing the best incentives for employees is important to keep them productive in their work. These things drive them to keep doing better in their jobs. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and valued for their efforts and hard work. That’s why it’s important to recognize an employee’s effort for a business or an organization. If a workplace provides its employees with proper incentives and rewards, it creates a positive vibe around the workplace.

    When employees get proper incentives and rewards in their workplace, the business experiences increased employee loyalty. They will also see an increase in productivity, revenue, and growth. These also help with other essential workplace metrics such as employee engagement, employee retention, etc.

    Various incentives and rewards have now become an integral part of the corporate culture. If a company gives performance incentives for employees, they feel inspired and elated to keep up the good work. They feel more engaged in the workplace, and as a result, it becomes easier for a company to retain its best employees.

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  • Employee incentive programs

    Top Employee Incentive Programs Examples in Workplace

    Innovation, good work ethics, and morale are three critical pillars for an organization to grow and prosper. Employee incentive programs are effective ways to promote these qualities along with efficiency and productivity. An organization can effectively use employee incentive programs for employee branding, recruitment, engagement, and retention as well.

    With employee incentive programs, a company can reward its hard-working employees. At the same time, it is possible to inspire other employees to reach their highest potential. The program itself may not break the budget of the company but it can provide great results.

    If you want to initiate an incentive program but are struggling to find one, here are a few ideas you can consider for your company.

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  • Service Anniversary Award Certificate

    Amazing Award Certificates

    In honor of all the great work employees do out there, Recognize is providing 10 free incredible employee award certificate templates for various occasions.
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  • A woman working from home

    5 Ways to Use Recognize during COVID-19

    Ways your company can use platforms like Recognize to make your employees' lives better during the ongoing pandemic
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  • A woman working from home

    Cultivate Positive Remote Work Experience

    10 ways your company can cultivate a positive remote work experience so that everybody wins.
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  • Screenshot of Recognize app in Okta Integration Network

    Employee Recognition in Okta

    How you can use identity and access management providers like Okta hand in hand with Recognize
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    See if an official recognition program is right for your company.

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  • Laptop with video conference call going on in an app like Zoom

    Become a Zoom Power User

    A cheat sheet to get the most out of Zoom teleconferencing
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  • Banking buildings

    Banking Health Survey

    Recognize published the survey results looking at health of workers in the finance industry and employee recognition.
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  • A mother washing a child's hands

    Utilizing employee recognition & incentives to combat Coronavirus in your company

    How we can utilize employee recognition and help ourselves to fight the coronavirus outbreak.
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  • A nurse looking tired

    Combat Burnout in Healthcare

    How Recognition and Engagement can combat Burnout in Healthcare
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  • 2020 text design on creative business symbols

    Human Resource Trends for 2020

    See Recognize's predictions for 2020 in HR, while we also look back at 2019 trends.
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  • IFTTT homepage with animating illustration showing people connecting apps for a connected home or for safer data

    Website Design Trends of 2019

    Our writings can't always be about HR and employee engagement. Here's a look at the web designs we saved in 2019 that we loved.
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  • Office 365 application with magnifying glass

    How to Engage your Employees in Office 365

    How to leverage your existing Office 365 subscription to engage and retain employees.
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  • People smiling

    How to run an awesome volunteer program with Recognize Incentives

    As the dust settles on new year celebrations, it doesn't take long for good wishes to turn to new year's resolutions. With 2019 undoubtedly wrapping up as a year to put climate change and sustainability on the map and make the world “Greta” again, why not kick off 2020 with the resolve to give back a little?
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  • A photo of a group of people putting their arms together.

    Ways to Foster Employee Engagement

    10 Great Ways to Foster Authentic Employee Engagement from reducing stress to getting feedback.
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  • Woman on stairs sad

    Mental Health Research

    A Recognize-funded study into the correlation between low sense of appreciation and issues with mental health.
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  • Unhappy nurses are disengaged nurses, which causes healthcare and clinic businesses to suffer.

    Employee Recognition Stats for Healthcare

    A look into nurse burn out and the effects of recognition within health industry, such as hospitals or medical technology fields.
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    See if an official recognition program is right for your company.

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  • People shaking hands

    Employee Recognition Report

    Research into what employees want in an employee recognition and from their company.
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  • People shaking hands

    Human Resource Trends for 2019

    Where HR is going in 2019 and a look back at 2018 events. Recognize pretended more technology and a marrying of IT and HR.
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  • People shaking hands

    Employee Recognition Trends for 2019

    At look back at 2018 and what the road ahead in 2019 for trends in employee recognition.
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  • A fun birthday party at work illustration

    Employee Recognition Ideas

    An ever growing list of quotes, ideas, book suggestions within over 100 ideas to recognize and reward your employees.
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  • A computer screen showing recognitions with a kitty cat peering.

    Employee Recognition App Guide

    Learn from the big guys. Recognize took RFPs on employee recognition from Fortune 500 companies and compiled what they care about into this article.
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  • Human Resources illustration

    Habits of Top HR Managers

    15 creative ways to be a great human resources professional.
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  • Christmas tree illustration

    Company Holiday Party & Year-End Staff Bonus Guide

    Learn what staff really want from employee benefits for holiday parties and end of year bonuses.
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