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  • computer with the word "love" in rainbow colors

    Observing Pride Month in the Workplace

    Pride Month commemorates the Stonewall Uprising on June 28th, 1969, when six undercover officers raided a gay club called the Stonewall Inn located in Greenwich Village in New York City. The police alleged the raid was due to the bar operating with an improper liquor license, but in truth, it was an excuse to violently assail and arrest employees and patrons in a place that served as a haven for the city’s gay, lesbian, drag queen and cross-dressing community. While incidents like this were common and had been occurring for decades, The Stonewall Uprising was one of the first times when the patrons defended themselves and refused to be intimidated. As police violently hauled customers and employees out of the bar a riot broke out, leading to six days of protests and clashes with law enforcement. In 1970, on the first anniversary of the uprising, thousands marched in the first New York City Pride March. These events were a turning point for LGBTQ+ rights in the United States.

    Today, Pride Month celebrates equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community and allows us to recognize the impact that these individuals have had on history, locally, nationally, and internationally. Throughout the month people celebrate through a variety of events such as festivals, concerts, and workshops. However, large city parades are generally the most visible elements of Pride Month and take place in areas of The United States, Canada, England, Australia, Greenland, Brazil, and Hungary.

    But what about in the Workplace? If your organization would like to observe Pride Month, promote inclusion and diversity, and support your LGBTQ+ employees, there are ways that you can do this both in person and in virtual offices.

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  • Award Certificate Generator for Work Anniversaries

    Check out the latest tool from Recognize – a way to easily create service anniversary award certificates. Creates a printable high-res PDF based on your specified information. Translated into numerous languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Polish, French Canadian, and more.

    Create a customized award certificate

    Service anniversary award certificate

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    Pro Tips to Run Successful Pilot Programs at Your Company

    When launching a new enterprise program, you’ve probably considered whether it’s necessary to pilot the program with a small group of users first or just launch the program and address issues as you go. In our experience, pilots are generally a good idea for a number of reasons. They allow us to get a glimpse into what things will be like when the program is rolled out at scale.  Pilots also allow us to mitigate problems on a smaller scale and catch and correct them before they reach a wider audience. Perhaps there are details we haven’t thought of that come up in the pilot, but in being proactive, we can now plan for the unexpected when we launch at scale. But how do we make sure our pilot is successful and serves its purpose?

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  • People doing yoga

    Getting Started with a Corporate Wellness Program

    A corporate wellness program can be incredibly complex or quite simple. Either way, it should be aligned with leader expectations and consider input from the employees. The results can be staggering. Outlined in this article, employees report feeling better, happier with their employment, and taking fewer sick days. Whatever program you ultimately design, in the end, employees that use it should like it. However, not everyone has to love it to still get an ROI.

    Most companies that have under 20 employees may find it a challenge to implement all strategies outlined in this article. Since small companies have a limited number of employees for team challenges or just the availability in time to implement. For smaller companies, consider the number of people it takes to play pickleball, ultimate frisbee, or simply clean a park/river/wooded area/neighborhood. The great part about cleaning parks of trash is you don’t have to be together. You can be at your own parks and share photos of before and after shots on your business collaboration tools, such as Slack or MS Teams.

    Two things to consider going forward into a corporate wellness program: services and competition. Provide services to your employees such as access to online mental health, encourage healthy eating, online classes, and provide outlets to quit smoking or drinking. Concurrently, companies can utilize the power of gamification and competition. Think group competition rather than individual competition. Create groups across pods (e.g. cross-functional groups) or departments.

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  • Top Performers

    Comprehensive List of Employee Recognition Program Names

    Selecting an interesting and catchy name for your employee recognition program can be instrumental in setting it up for success. After all, this will be your staff’s first impression of the program and studies have shown that over 70% of employees across organizations believe that an interesting program name is indicative of how interesting the program is likely to be. Recognize’s “Custom Labels” feature offered in our Gold and Platinum packages allows customers to choose a name that creates a meaningful connection with their staff, is relevant to their company values, and can tie in with their organization’s brand.

    Choosing the right name can take time and effort. We’ve cultivated a list of impactful employee recognition program names to help you get started.

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  • Credit Union

    Four Ways Credit Unions Engage Staff With Online Employee Recognition

    People are moving to Credit Unions because CUs provide a better member experience. Part of that experience is interacting with happier staff. Since CUs are for the community and are smaller by nature than big banks, the HR team has a better chance at engaging and keeping staff happy. HR member experience teams know that when employees are happy, members are happy.

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  • Illustration showing company value building

    Comprehensive List of Company Values

    Over 50 ideas to help focus your company around common principles.

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  • 2021 Human Resources Trends

    On Christmas Eve, 2020, the Recognize team published their trends predictions for the HR industry going into 2021. In the article, we look back at our last year’s predictions to see where we fell short or hit the mark. The trends are based on linked research as well as the Recognize’s own experience working with companies in the Americas and abroad.

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  • Illustration of a boss giving a handshake to a waiter

    How to Engage Frontline Employees

    We asked seven business leaders how they were engaging their frontline workers or advising their clients on engaging their diverse workforce. With many workers now at home, it is even harder to get a pulse of the organization and engage in the right way. At Recognize, employee recognition online is only half the battle. To engage frontline workers, Recognize provides a frontline worker package to SMS login, recognize staff, and redeem a reward. Further, printed certificates, physical buttons to press, and TVs of recognitions are all strategies to recognize frontline workers.

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  • Driving to work vs working from home illustration

    The Comprehensive Guide to Working from Home

    Original research from Recognize into working from home and employee engagement, productivity, and happiness. This article is to help team managers, human resources, and individual contributors navigate WFH.

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  • Service Anniversary Award Certificate

    Amazing Award Certificates

    In honor of all the great work employees do out there, Recognize is providing 10 free incredible employee award certificate templates for various occasions.

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  • A woman working from home

    5 Ways to Use Recognize during COVID-19

    Ways your company can use platforms like Recognize to make your employees' lives better during the ongoing pandemic

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  • A woman working from home

    Cultivate Positive Remote Work Experience

    10 ways your company can cultivate a positive remote work experience so that everybody wins.

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  • Screenshot of Recognize app in Okta Integration Network

    Employee Recognition in Okta

    How you can use identity and access management providers like Okta hand in hand with Recognize

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  • Laptop with video conference call going on in an app like Zoom

    Become a Zoom Power User

    A cheat sheet to get the most out of Zoom teleconferencing

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  • Banking buildings

    Banking Health Survey

    Recognize published the survey results looking at health of workers in the finance industry and employee recognition.

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  • A mother washing a child's hands

    Utilizing employee recognition & incentives to combat Coronavirus in your company

    How we can utilize employee recognition and help ourselves to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

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  • A nurse looking tired

    Combat Burnout in Healthcare

    How Recognition and Engagement can combat Burnout in Healthcare

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  • 2020 text design on creative business symbols

    Human Resource Trends for 2020

    See Recognize's predictions for 2020 in HR, while we also look back at 2019 trends.

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  • IFTTT homepage with animating illustration showing people connecting apps for a connected home or for safer data

    Website Design Trends of 2019

    Our writings can't always be about HR and employee engagement. Here's a look at the web designs we saved in 2019 that we loved.

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  • Office 365 application with magnifying glass

    How to Engage your Employees in Office 365

    How to leverage your existing Office 365 subscription to engage and retain employees.

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  • People smiling

    How to run an awesome volunteer program with Recognize Incentives

    As the dust settles on new year celebrations, it doesn't take long for good wishes to turn to new year's resolutions. With 2019 undoubtedly wrapping up as a year to put climate change and sustainability on the map and make the world “Greta” again, why not kick off 2020 with the resolve to give back a little?

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  • A photo of a group of people putting their arms together.

    Ways to Foster Employee Engagement

    10 Great Ways to Foster Authentic Employee Engagement from reducing stress to getting feedback.

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  • Woman on stairs sad

    Mental Health Research

    A Recognize-funded study into the correlation between low sense of appreciation and issues with mental health.

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  • Unhappy nurses are disengaged nurses, which causes healthcare and clinic businesses to suffer.

    Employee Recognition Stats for Healthcare

    A look into nurse burn out and the effects of recognition within health industry, such as hospitals or medical technology fields.

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    See if an official recognition program is right for your company.

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  • People shaking hands

    Employee Recognition Report

    Research into what employees want in an employee recognition and from their company.

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  • People shaking hands

    Human Resource Trends for 2019

    Where HR is going in 2019 and a look back at 2018 events. Recognize pretended more technology and a marrying of IT and HR.

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  • People shaking hands

    Employee Recognition Trends for 2019

    At look back at 2018 and what the road ahead in 2019 for trends in employee recognition.

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  • A fun birthday party at work illustration

    Employee Recognition Ideas

    An ever growing list of quotes, ideas, book suggestions within over 100 ideas to recognize and reward your employees.

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  • A computer screen showing recognitions with a kitty cat peering.

    Employee Recognition App Guide

    Learn from the big guys. Recognize took RFPs on employee recognition from Fortune 500 companies and compiled what they care about into this article.

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  • Human Resources illustration

    Habits of Top HR Managers

    15 creative ways to be a great human resources professional.

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  • Christmas tree illustration

    Company Holiday Party & Year-End Staff Bonus Guide

    Learn what staff really want from employee benefits for holiday parties and end of year bonuses.

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  • Coworkers shaking hands

    Employee Recognition and Health in the Workplace

    Employee recognition doesn’t only help promote productivity in the office; it also improves the overall health and well-being of your workers.

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  • Pie and bar graphs

    Distributed Workforce Infographic 2013

    See the tools and trends of working from home and distributed workforces.

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  • Illustration of people giving thumbs-up.

    Employee Appreciation Day: 8 Ideas Your Staff Will Love

    Employee Appreciation Day takes place on the first Friday of every March, and was created as a way to show recognition and appreciation for all the hard work employees do throughout the year.

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  • Coworkers talking.

    What Men Can Do To Prevent Workplace Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment has dominated headlines in recent weeks, with the Harvey Weinstein exposé closely followed by revelations about Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K. But workplace sexual harassment isn’t limited to Hollywood.

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  • Workplace by Facebook logo

    Top 10 employee engagement tips on Facebook Workplace

    Facebook Workplace is a communication and productivity tool for businesses. It utilizes the great parts of Facebook to help companies work together more effectively. Take a look at the 10 creative ways to engage employees on Facebook Workplace.

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  • People connecting and talking

    The State of People Analytics Stats

    9% of companies use predictive analytics or big data to analyze people trends. See more top stats.

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  • People working on laptops

    5 Critical Areas for IT Adoption of Employee Recognition

    You’ve decided that your company deserves a modern recognition program. You’ve received buy-in from your executive leadership. The last hurdle to pass is approval from IT.

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  • Abstract polygon pattern

    16 Must-Answer Employee Engagement Questions for Your Staff

    When was the last time you or your HR initiated an employee engagement survey at your company? In Recognize, we provide a way to ask these questions when you start the program and six months later.

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  • Man and woman looking

    14 Employee Recognition Tips and Trends of 2017

    From forward-thinking companies from all over the world, this is what we see as trends, advice, and tips for employee recognition and employee rewards.

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  • Sunset in the tropics

    Seven Must-Know Types of Employee Rewards

    How do you pick the best types of employee rewards for your company? There are numerous methods of praising staff. Each and every company’s situation is unique, and what might work for one doesn’t necessarily have to work for another. To try and help you determine the best way to motivate your workforce, we have sought to compile some employee rewards for you to consider. Here are seven of them.

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