Best Employee Recognition Program Names in 2023

As companies continue to awaken to the advent of off-the-shelf employee recognition programs, more employee recognition program vendors arise. In 2022, we have seen large vendor mergers. We look to 2023 with the possibility of more programs folding, others merging, and most staying courses.

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Importance of Employee Recognition Program

Employee recognition programs are really important when it comes to employee engagement and employee loyalty. Everyone likes to get appreciated for their hard work and efforts, and the same goes for the employees of a company. When the employees of a company get recognized by the higher-ups, they feel highly valued and appreciated.

They get more engaged with the workplace and become loyal to the company. They also feel highly motivated to keep doing better at their work and feel more driven to bring in good results for the company. As a result, the company experiences huge success and massive growth.

That’s why implementing a proper employee recognition program is really important in your company. Also, make sure to choose a proper name for your awards to make your employees feel more driven to win those awards. This will benefit both your company and the employees.

Consumer Guide on Choosing the Perfect Platform

Here are some things that you need to look for while choosing the perfect platform for your employee recognition program

Based on Features

While choosing an employee recognition platform, the first thing you need to look for is the features provided by the platform. You will need the help of various features in order to implement a proper and functional employee recognition program at your workplace. There are numerous features that an employee recognition tool can come with, such as program budget management, behavioral email, full rewards catalog, reporting and metrics, employee ideas module, etc. Make sure to choose a platform that provides all the features that you need and prefer to have.

Based on Pricing

Cost or pricing should be one of the primary criteria while choosing an employee recognition platform. You need to plan your budget based on your needs and the size of your company before you invest in a platform. Estimate an amount of how much you are willing to pay for the recognition platform.

Many of the platforms show a lower cost on the paper, even though there are many hidden costs associated with it once you get on board. These can be processing fees, transaction fees, or extra taxes. To avoid that, it’s best if you go for a platform that shows flat and transparent fees. And make sure to go for the ones that have pricing that aligns with your budget perfectly.


Ongoing program maintenance and complicated tracking aren’t for everyone. Employee recognition should be totally frictionless, and it means the software or app you will implement needs to integrate into the routines of your employees seamlessly. So, make sure that your recognition platform has perfect integration methods to be integrated into the daily tasks and works of the employees, and into the existing system.

Based on User Interaction and User Interface User Interaction and user interface are really important when it comes to choosing an employee recognition platform. Make sure to choose a platform that has a nice and properly usable interface. Also, the user interaction is easy and convenient so that you can easily implement the employee recognition program at your workplace.

HRIS Support

HRIS is also known as the Human Resource Information System. It is an intersection of information technology and human resources through software. This feature allows HR processes and activities to occur easily and conveniently. Various works regarding payroll, human management, etc. can be conducted through this feature. So, you will be easily able to implement a proper employee recognition program if your chosen platform provides HRIS support.



Employee recognition programs are really important to create a productive and positive work environment and a highly engaged workforce. All these things are paramount for the success and growth of your business. Employees get highly encouraged and motivated to do better in their jobs and bring in better results for the company. The more your employees will feel dedicated towards your company, the better results you will achieve.

To increase the dedication and motivation level of your employees, you need to have a proper employee recognition program with a proper name. Having a proper name for the program will make sure that your employees are highly engaged with the program, and are eager to participate in it. They will highly resonate with the program, and in turn, will keep bringing in great results for the company.

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