Never leave Yammer to administer

The Recognize company dashboard can be viewed in Yammer.

User Sync with Yammer

Send recognition the same way as Praise

Staff get an enhanced employee recognition menu in Yammer.

View leaderboards from Yammer

In Yammer, staff can view the leaderboards.

View user’s recognitions on their Yammer profile

In the Yammer user profile, you can view their recognitions by clicking the Recognitions tab.

View your company's recognitions in Sharepoint

Get all of Reognize inside Sharepoint.

Rewarding good hand hygiene at work in Sharepoint

Stay in Sharepoint to send recognition

Super simple to send recognition in Sharepoint.

Redeem rewards in Sharepoint

In Sharepoint, staff can view the rewards to redeem.

Administer Recognize from Sharepoint

Create custom badges easily from Sharepoint