About Recognize

We are inspired by the power of positivity.
The following is our philosophy.

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A sense of journey through employee recognition.

Levels of excellence provides workers with a roadmap to know where they are now and where they are headed. When companies promote individual greatness with a sense of journey, people are more valued and are better utilized.

Level up in Recognize through a program tailored for your organization.

Validating a worker's role in the organization.

Good people choose companies that inspire them. Ultimately they need to know they are spending their time wisely. Our mission is to help workers feel engaged in a workplace.

know your lifes value through your continued growth

To help companies maximize their potential.

Companies are looking for ways to lower costs and increase revenue. Employee recognition is an easy, yet powerful, solution to creating an one-for-all organizational mentality.

Employee recognition is an easy way to grow profits upwards.

The Recognize team

We are producing the best designed employee recognition program on the market.
Together, we are driven to promote positivity.

  • Alex Grande, Founder, CEO
  • Peter Philips, Founder, CTO
  • Alexis Held, Sales
  • Satjot (SJ) Sawhney, Business
  • Kate Cohen, Content
  • Atul Angra, Quality Assurance

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