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Create your own rewards catalog full of experiences and non-monetary rewards staff can redeem with points.

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Staff can redeem any kind of reward with Recognize

The Recognize Team has listened to customer's needs for non-monetary rewards. Now companies can create rewards that are unique to them with Recognize Rewards package.

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The ideal employee rewards offering for enterprise

At Recognize, our psychology background enables us to see the big picture for rewards. Don't offer rewards no one wants, instead offer unique experiences, non-monetary rewards, and visa cards for your staff to redeem.

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Create rewards that are fulfilled by your company, by Recognize staff, or automatic gift cards.

What it means to be a Staff Rewards Manager

An rewards manager is someone who is responsible to make a reward happen. When an employee redeems an employee reward in Recognize, the person indicated by the admin to be the rewards manager for that reward will receive an email. They will then be responsible to make sure that reward happens. It could be as simple as making sure they get their parking spot or lunch delivered.

Monetary rewards

If you are interested in using gift cards, hand a stack of gift cards to a reward manager and let them know to hand them out to staff when an email is received to do so. It is that simple.

Rewards manager

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Creating company-fulfilled rewards is free and easy

Any employee recognition and rewards vendor that charges money for points is self-serving for their own profits. That's how Recognize is different. We want your staff to be happy and that means releasing control of rewards to you. With Recognize, you can choose title, description, who is responsible for redeeming the reward, how many points it is worth, and how often someone can redeem it. It is powerful while still simple.

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Employee reward ideas

A list of possible employee reward ideas you can use in Recognize.

  • A special parking spot
  • Access to a conference
  • Power to make a certain type of decision
  • Be the team lead for a time period
  • Get a half day off
  • Get a day off
  • Lunch delivery
  • Dinner for two
  • Lunch with the CEO
  • Concert or movie tickets
  • Massage or spa pass
  • Pizza party for the team
  • Get a sports car for the day
  • A cooking class for two
  • Sky diving
  • Gift card
  • Window desk for the quarter
  • Corner office for a month
  • Be the CEO for the day
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