Employee Recognition For Mobile

Send staff recognition from Yammer, Sharepoint, or Slack to your employees' smart phones. Just one click to send a recognition on the new employee recognition mobile app.

Download Recognize for your Android phone
  • Arrow pointing up Easily send your colleagues a role-based? employee recognition
  • Arrow pointing down Instantly receive notification when you receive recognition
  • Share your recognitions Share on Linkedin, Facebook, & Twitter
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Can I sign up for Recognize from the mobile app?

You need to already have an account with Recognize to use the Recognize employee recognition mobile app. You can sign up from the website now.

Does Recognize read my phone's data?

Unlike many mobile apps, the Recognize employee recognition mobile app does absolutely nothing other than try to make positivity the forefront of your company's culture. The Recognize employee recognition app does not read your contact data, observe your behavior, nor track your location.

How much does it cost to use the Recognize mobile app?

Recognize employee recognition app for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone costs nothing to use. If your company would like to customize their Recognize employee recognition program, they will need to purchase a subscription.

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Can I administer our Recognize account from the mobile app?

You can fully customize and manage your Recognize employee recognition program from recognizeapp.com from your smart phone or tablet.