Recognize Employee Recognition Features

The Recognize employee recognition app is more affordable, more features, and more integrations than other employee recognition apps.

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Gift cards + company-fulfilled

Gift cards







User sync with Office 365 or Yammer


Employee Recognition Manager dashboard











Reporting export



Customize or remove employee recognition points







Text message notification


Included employee recognition badges

Utilize well-designed employee recognition badges to recognize staff accomplishments and incentive company values.

A social graph of people

Give employee recognition to anyone

The Recognize employee recognition app is the only employee recognition platform that allows recognition of anyone regardless of whether they are a registered user or not. All you need is the person's email address and you can send them a recognition. Customers use this feature to have clients recognize their staff and visa versa.

Employee recognition Yammer integration

Recognize is the most integrated Yammer third-party partner for employee engagement and employee recognition. In Recognize, users have access to their entire Yammer social graph. What's more, our Chrome Extension puts Recognize inside Yammer. See our Yammer integration page for more details on our browser extension.

Recognize in Yammer profile
Graphics of mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop

Responsive employee recognition web application

The world has changed to include an array of screen sizes. Your team requires access to all business tools from a mobile or desktop device. Recognize is a fully responsive web application that works with any screen width.

Leaderboards & points for employee recognition

To reward the top employees, we provide a leaderboard for teams and users, including the most points overall, for most received recognition, and most sent recognition.

Point leaderboard
Create teams for best team-focus employee recognition


Recognize provides the best functionality for teams. In the Recognize platform, send recognition to entire teams. View your team's top values. Sync Yammer Groups or Active Directory groups with Recognize teams. No other platform provides team Yammer integration like Recognize.

Easily manage users in your employee recognition program

Business and Enterprise users have access to the Company Dashboard where they can see usage graphs and edit users.

Manage users
Custom badge

Manage employee recognition badges

Represent your company values or employee accomplishments as badges in the Recognize program. You can change the badge graphics, labels, point values, and descriptions for each badge.


API to access employee recognitions

API allows companies to integrate Recognize into their own applications. Send, receive, and list recognitions inside your web applications or mobile applications.

Subcompany departments

Subcompany departments helps organizations in larger companies have their own isolated Recognize account.

Company-wide privacy

Company-wide employee recognition privacy

Employee recognitions are normally visible to the general public. If someone has a link to an employee recognition, they can view it. When privacy is turned on, all employee recognitions are now private and scoped to the company. With privacy on, only people inside the company can view the employee recognitions.

Yammer Extensions

The extension inserts Recognize inside Yammer seemlessly. Learn more

Internet Explorer Recognize Yammer Extension Yammer


Enterprise package users have access to our roadmap and help shape the future of Recognize. Request custom reports for performance reviews and other analytics. Export recognition data to correlate with KPIs or P&L spreadsheets.


Create finite number of badges that only managers can send. Create tangible achievements staff can accomplish. Create more autonomy over staff careers. Increase retention in your company with Achievements.

Level up in Recognize through a program tailored for your organization.
Import users

Single Sign On

We integrate with all SAML identity providers. If your company is using Azure, Okta, or any IDP then using Recognize will be an ease. We can setup SSO even in pilots for your company to use Recognize and be automatically signed in.

White label Recognize

Recognize Team will match the colors to your corporate brand. Recognize will show your logo centered in the top toolbar and stylize your emails.

White label your brand

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