Recognize Features

Recognize is dedicated to releasing improved and new features on an ongoing basis. Schedule a demo to see the latest.

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  • Programs

    • Social employee recognition

      A peer-to-peer social network for your staff to recognize each other's greatest work around the company values.
    • Rewards

      Provide popular gift cards from Recognize or offer your own rewards, such as day off.
    • Nominations

      To vote for who deserves to be the employee of the month, quarter, or year.
    • Service anniversaries + birthday

      Automatically recognize and reward employees for any year of service or their birthday.
    • Incentives

      Managers issue redeemable currency to staff based on specific activities, tasks, or accomplishments.
  • Management

    • Managers

      Managers are the rubber that meets the road in a recognition program. That's why Recognize provides automated emails, notifications, and dashboards for direct report managers.
    • Company Admin Dashboard

      Administer everything from running people analytics reports, uploading/downloading user data, configuring the system from the mobile web or desktop.
    • Single Sign On

      Enterprise Single Sign On ensures ease of use combined with security for your company. Recognize is in a number of SSO stores, such as Okta, Azure, and AWS.
    • Teams

      Sync your organizational groups into Recognize. Staff can view their Team's recognitions or even recognize an entire team.
    • User Sync

      Recognize can dynamically add and remove employees based on data automatically uploaded to Recognize from Azure AD, Workday, or sFTP.
    • Frontline Worker Employee Recognition

      Many employees are not assigned work email or do not use email regularly. Many times these employees are working in medical, security, construction, and energy. To help these companies have an employee recognition program for frontline staff, Recognize provides a number of features to engage these employees
  • International

    • Canada

      If you have an office in Canada or you are a Canadian company, Recognize provides a series of employee recognition & rewards programs for Canada.
    • Hong Kong

      Recognize supports Traditional Chinese localization and a Visa gift card for our Hong Kong companies.
    • Europe

      Recognize can localize into any language and supports a number of EU gift card rewards. Plus, Recognize supports GDPR requirements, such as right to be forgotten, easy to read privacy policy.
    • Great Britain

      We know the United Kingdom is a recognition-focused country. Recognize provides a number of gift cards and localization for the UK.
    • Employee Recognition for Arabic Speaking Countries

      Recognize is localized into Arabic and is set up for Right-to-Left languages.
    • Australia

      Recognize is localized into Australian English and provides a number of Australian gift cards for employee recognition & rewards.
  • Integrations

    • Office 365

      Recognize is focused on being the best recognition provider for Microsoft 365 customers.
    • Sharepoint

      Sharepoint is the hub for Office 365 companies. Recognize can be a side panel or full panel inside any Sharepoint instance.
    • Workplace by Facebook

      Recognize is honored to be chosen by Facebook as one of their premier employee recognition vendors.
    • Outlook

      The Recognize Outlook app keeps getting better with the easiest way to send recognition for Office 365 customers. Turn any email into a recognition or redeem points for a gift card.
    • Microsoft Teams

      The Microsoft Teams Recognize app allows for staff to view their recognitions and send recognition from within their favorite communication tool.
    • Zapier

      Zapier is an up and coming tech company that provides a way to connect 2,000 apps with 2,000 other apps. Recognize is one of those apps! See our overview of integrations.
  • Engagement

    • Engagement analytics

      People analytics allows HR and the C-suite to immediately know who are high performers across the company values, across locations, departments, and time periods. Further, Recognize alerts Admins every month of high and low performing managers in recognition.
    • Badges

      Badges are perfect for employee recognition programs because they easily symbolize company values or behaviors. In Recognize, 84% of employees better understand the company values thanks to badging.
    • Hall of Fame

      We believe everyone is a winner in some way and it just takes data to find you're winners. With the Hall of Fame, companies can showcase top employees across location, badge, and time period.
    • TV Kiosk Mode

      Create an all for one mentality thanks to the Kiosk Mode. As soon as a recognition is created in Recognize, it shows on the TV along with all the recent recognitions and anniversaries for the entire company or specific groups.
    • Leaderboards

      Leaderboards showcasing where the current user is in the running as an individual and as a contributor to a group can improve engagement in the program and at work, especially when using the Recognize Incentives program where employees can have direct influence.
    • Award Certificates

      Recognize automatically generates customizable award certificates that companies or managers can print. These are especially meaningful for frontline workers who aren't on the computer.
  • Customizations

    • Points

      The Recognize Points are an international currency and is quite flexible. Our system can provide a monetary value to the points or the company can put a value on the points externally. Thus, Recognize can provide a points system in a number of ways, including completely disabled.
    • Privacy

      Recognize takes privacy seriously. That's why admins can change privacy at the company level and employees can change their privacy settings at an individual level.
    • Program Settings

      From eight years of customer development, Recognize provides many configurations of the programs. From peer recognition to anniversaries, the answer is now commonly yes when prospective companies ask of their customization needs.
    • Communication

      We strive to engage and connect with your employees where they are most comfortable. Staff can have recognition notifications sent via text message, email, push notification, and/or turned off entirely.
    • User Access

      Many departments or teams want to add Recognize without the rest of the organization being invited. Also, companies often want complete control of when they launch their program. That's why Recognize provides a number of settings to configure who has access, who can be invited, can staff set passwords, and when people start receiving communication from Recognize.
    • Theming

      We know companies really want to represent their brand in third party tools. Why sacrifice customization when moving to the cloud? With Recognize, companies get a custom CSS stylesheet that allows for complete control over what is visible in the application and how the application looks. Further, email look and feel is completely customizable with your logo and your colors.