Managing Managers

The administrators of Recognize have complete access to viewing who has which manager. Recognize can sync the manager data from a source of truth, such as an HRIS or Azure Active Directory.

A table showing who has which manager.

Managers approve their team's approval recognitions

Recognize’s system for manager-approval recognition helps special types of recognition only issued through a gatekeeper, such as the direct report manager. Managers are emailed of each pending recognition and can approve it from their manager dashboard.

A full screenshot of a manager approving a recognition of a direct report.

See direct report's top company values

The Manager Dashboard provides a high level view of all their direct reports and the company values they represent from the recognitions they have received.

A list of direct reports and their company values.

Direct report points and their direct reports

Drill down through organization by viewing each direct report’s direct reports along with their points information.

Direct report's direct reports.

Direct report anniversaries and birthdays

The manager has full visibility into their direct report’s birthday and anniversary information. This helps your manager’s easily do their part to thank their teammates for being apart of the team each year.

A list of employees and their upcoming service anniversaries

Approve direct report's tasks

Recognize’s incentives program allows employees to complete tasks and the manager approves them. The manager will have access to the data and process approvals from their Manager Dashboard.


Manager approval of employee incentive tasks

Export and save reports

Manager’s can export all the data to excel and the information will be stored in their secure Documents section of the Manager Dashboard.

Manager dashboard of Documents

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