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Enable SMS notifications for frontline employee recognition

As a Company Admin of Recognize, you can go into the Settings and a flip of a switch helps staff who are only can only receive text messages still can receive a recognition.

Turning on SMS for employee recognition

Broadcast messages on SMS or emails to frontline workers

The Broadcast center in the Users section of the Company Admin helps admins send messages to different groups both via text message or email.

Broadcast messages to all staff in Recognize

Staff can login with telephone or email

Recognize supports Single Sign On, Yammer, Google, Microsoft, Recognize login with email and now telephone for staff who are frontline workers in y0ur employee recognition program with Recognize.

Recognize login options

Set frontline staff information for them

Recognize Company Admins have full control and access to employee data. Admins can set the phone and password for specific users with a few clicks.

Set a password for user in Recognize

Award certificates for frontline employees

Workers you see on the day to day in the front-line setting really appreciate receiving the employee of the month award. Provide it printed out from the generated certificates inside Recognize.

Admins can customize the award so that each time a manager prints it out it is customized to your company, and for the company value that award represents.

Award certificate for front line employees

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Recognize increases staff productivity, provides company engagement insights, and helps retain top employees. Providing HR with an out-of-box solution since 2012.

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