TV Kiosk Mode for In-Office Visibility

Create an all for one mentality thanks to the Kiosk Mode. As soon as a recognition is created in Recognize, it shows on the TV along with all the recent recognitions and anniversaries for the entire company or specific groups.

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Kiosk Mode on Recognize app
Only show specific groups in Kiosk

TV Mode for Specific Groups

Anyone can select specific groups to only show in the Kiosk. Great for only showing specific recognitions to, say a call center office.

Highlighting recognitions in Kiosk mode

Turn on Animation

Animation will highlight each recognition for a few seconds.

Setting a password on the TV mode kiosk

Create Different Views with the TV Mode

The Kiosk mode can be password protected, while your admin account is logged out. This allows to show recognitions in a read-only view preventing anyone from accessing someone’s account from a public TV.

Plus, it can only show anniversaries or only a specific group. This is perfect for companies with different locations or departments, such as manufacturing floors for frontline workers.

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