Recognize Company Admin Dashboard Screenshot
From users, badges, points, rewards, anniversaries, tasks, nominations, and reporting, Recognize admin has it all in one place.

You have complete control over your program

As our customers continue to grow so does our company admin. Today companies can administer everything you can think of involving employee recognition and rewards. Everything from user management, roles, and reporting.

Delta change of quarter and year. How many more recognitions were sent this year from last.

Compare recognition over time

Recognize records the delta change of users and recognitions across time periods. This is just one of many great reporting features out of box in Recognize.

What are your needs? Contact us to let us know and we can see if we can fulfill it.

Engagement report showing different groups and how many reccognitions, tasks, points the created or used.

Engagement visibility

The engagement tables help companies see a view at different levels within the organization. Plus, all the reports and tables are exportable.

Date range reporting by month, quarter, year, or custom

All reports are customizable

If you want to see who was the top employee within a specific location, team, and time period, you can do that in a few seconds. Every report is meant to easy to use and searchable across time.

Setting up birthday recognition

Set it and forget it

Recognize is meant to allow admins the chance to change and update the program on their own from their smart phone or computer.

For instance, admins can setup automate service and birthday anniversaries from the Anniversary tab.

Incentivize, Recognize, Reward

Recognize increases staff productivity, provides company engagement insights, and helps retain top employees. Providing HR with an out-of-box solution since 2012.

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