Configure to your needs

The points system in Recognize is designed to be flexible. It is meant to be updated and changed to your liking. That allows our customers to use a monetary program, a non-monetary program, and use Recognize to support either of those with or without points.

With points recognize supports both monetary and non-monetary programs. Without points recognize allow supports non-monetary program.

Flip the switch

All it takes is an admin to flip one switch to hide or show points in the system.

Turn on or off points in Recognize

Points are an international currency

Recognize points can be given to anyone anywhere in the world. Once at redemption of a reward do the points translate into a local currency.

Thanks to point to currency ratios for each currency you wish to support, points are equivalent to all employees.

Recognize Tim Thorton Gift Card

Point history in User Profile

Every employee can see exactly how they receive or redeem every point. Just click ‘Points’ in the user profile.

User Profile Points Table in Recognize

Company values are worth points

At Recognize, we know that there is more to a recognition program than points. Recognition means promoting company values and symbolism of our best work. Workers crave to feel needed in the work place.

To give thanks beyond the badge, admins can select how many points the badges that people receive are worth, plus many more settings.

Badges can change points, roles, and limits

Point Activity

Admins have full visibility into every point that is exchanged in the system and can monitor individuals as well.

Point history for admins

Incentivize, Recognize, Reward

Recognize increases staff productivity, provides company engagement insights, and helps retain top employees. Providing HR with an out-of-box solution since 2012.

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