Enterprise Employee Engagement & Recognition Platform
That Fits Seamlessly Into Your Workflow
Perfect for companies with 500+ employees, Recognize is an employee engagement platform that integrates with the tools you already use such as Office 365, Slack, Yammer, Google Chrome, and more. The only platform inside Outlook and Workplace by Facebook!
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Super-Charged Employee Recognition, Rewards, and More
Recognize includes features such as automatic employee anniversary and birthday recognition, on-the-spot social employee recognition, manager recognition, and nomination voting.
Employee Recognition
Drive focus on company values and increase engagement through Recognize's unique badges and points strategy.
Create your own rewards catalog of automatic gift cards, experiences, and non-monetary rewards staff redeem with points.
Nominations & Awards
Secretly nominate employees for awards in given time periods, such as innovation award or employee of the quarter.
Service Anniversaries
It takes just five minutes: you choose which year to celebrate, what the message will be, and how many points it is worth.
Workflow Integrations
Build stronger, happier staff by sending recognition where everyone already works.
... And More!
"There is nothing more important than keeping our employees motivated and engaged. Recognize allows everyone on the team to celebrate their own successes and those of their co-workers.

Integration with Yammer and Slack means that we're not taking on extra administrative or training burden, we're just getting more bang for our buck on the tools we're already using."
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Capterra Reviewer: Ben Ringold
Technical Director, Hypothetical Software
Join The 8,000 Companies That Signed Up With Recognize...
90% of users say they will stay longer with their employer.
96% say they feel more connected with their employer.
84% say it reinforces company values.
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