How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day - 11 Creative Ideas

December 28, 2021

how to celebrate employee appreciation day

The first Friday of March is considered national employee appreciation day, and celebrating it can bring out a huge difference in employee engagement and satisfaction. Here we will cover how you can celebrate this day properly.

Different engaging activities, gift boxes, redecorating the office space, and paid leave are some of the ways you can show appreciation to your employees. Here, we will explore them in detail.

Engaging Activities to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Engaged employees can bring the best results for your company. You can take the opportunity to include various activities on employee appreciation day to build better engagement. Here are some ideas for employee appreciation day you can implement:

Socializing by Playing Games

Games and sports are great ways to enhance team spirit and collaboration. Your organization can arrange for fun games to build better team spirit and appreciate the employees’ hard work.

Different team sports, trivia quiz, scavenger hunt are great examples of showing appreciation and team building. Here different teams of an organization will get to know each other and build better relationships. 

Make sure to host games that all your employees can participate in. The whole setting should promote fun and refreshment to bring your employees out of boredom and fuel them for their upcoming challenges.

Give Your Employees a Food Experience

Food is an excellent way to reach into anyone’s heart. You can give your employees a food experience to show them your appreciation.

You can take your employees for lunch or dinner in a local restaurant and offer some activity afterward, like singing karaoke, going to a concert, or joining a local walking tour. It will allow employees to connect with their leader and feel appreciated.

If dine-in seems expensive, you can bring in a local food or coffee truck to cater to your employees.  It will be a great experience for your employees as well.

Make sure to prioritize your employees’ choices while choosing the restaurant, food truck, or activities after. You may even discover some new activities that you like.

Field Trip

You can take the opportunity of staff appreciation day to explore a local museum, park, botanical garden, winery, or factory. It will give you a chance to tap into your employees’ interests while getting to know your local community.

A field trip can create great memories for your employees while giving you opportunities to enjoy local attractions. You can even learn something new and generate new ideas to implement in your organization.

Arts and Crafts

Research has shown that creative work outside work can boost job performance. You can implement creative activities like baking, painting, origami to celebrate appreciation day. 

To ensure company-wide participation, take votes from your employees beforehand. You can also propose several activity options and ask them to sign up for a favorable one.’

These activities will allow your employees to take up new hobbies and give them a fun experience in their workplace.

Happy Hour

Happy hour can be very good to celebrate employee appreciation day. It will encourage interaction between your employees and help them reduce stress. It will be a good way to enhance collaboration and will enrich company culture.

As happy hour takes place after work, some employees may feel excluded from this activity. You can avoid this by stipping work a bit early. Also, some employees may want to be excluded from alcohol consumption, and the issue may be sensitive for them. Make sure to handle this matter delicately and arrange alternative options for them.

Gift Ideas for Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day

Gift Box

You can send tokens and gift boxes to your employees to show your appreciation for them on the employee appreciation day. The gift boxes can contain self-care packages, gift cards, and company-branded merchandise.

You can take inspiration from your employees and ask them what they would like to have. When you send them the right kind of gift to your employees, it will positively impact employee satisfaction and engagement.

Distribute Dessert

Almost everyone likes to have the sweet taste of dessert. For showing appreciation to your employees, you can distribute desserts like donuts, candies, cupcakes throughout the workplace. 

For a more personalized touch, you can order the favorite flavors of your employees. You can gather this information during the employee onboarding process. Make sure to learn about allergies and other necessary factors before sending them their dessert. 

Sending Letters or Postcards

Letters and postcards are very personalized gifts for your employees. It can bring a certain joy and will encourage them to keep up their good work.

A good appreciation letter can make your employees feel more engaged with their workplace, and they can use the letter to decorate their workspace.


The best recognition you can give your employees is appreciating them in public spaces. You can recommend your employees for their good work on social media. It is a very personalized approach and a great gesture to recognize their hard work.

Use professional platforms like LinkedIn to write your recommendation letter. It will be public recognition for your employee and will help them in their future endeavors.

Redecorate Office Space to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Each employee spends a significant time of their day in their workspace. So, making the space more comfortable and efficient can be a great appreciation gesture.

You can update their computer, bring in comfortable chairs, rearrange the light setting to make the workspace more lively. Also, you can distribute decoration pieces, plants to your employees for decorating their workspace. 

When the office space is redecorated, employees will feel more comfortable in their workspace and can get rid of their boredom. As a result, their productivity will rise significantly.

Dedicated Time off for Appreciating Employees’ Hard Work

All your employees, even the workaholic ones, can appreciate a little time off from their jobs. It will allow them to relax, spend time with family and friends, and indulge themselves in self-care.

There are many ways you can implement this time off. You can offer them flexible work schedules, work from home, half-day work, even paid leave to show them you care about their well-being.

Bottom Line

Employees are the most important unit of your organization. They give their best work for the betterment of the company. Therefore, organizations need to show proper appreciation for employees’ hard work.

Online recognition applications can be very helpful in this manner. You can easily track necessary information and find out the best ways to celebrate employee appreciation day. It can make the whole process easier and give you proper insights to make it more personal.


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