7 Tips to Conduct Employee Engagement Survey

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how to conduct employee engagement survey

It’s crucial for the success and growth of a company or organization to get its employees engaged with their work and workplace. If the employees of a company are engaged and committed to it, they become highly motivated to keep bringing in better results for the company. That’s why it’s paramount for any company to properly measure the engagement levels of their employees. For doing so, they need to conduct proper employee engagement surveys.

If you are concerned about the employee engagement level of your company, you must conduct employee engagement surveys. You might want to know how you can conduct staff engagement surveys properly. We will talk about it throughout this article. 

Employee engagement is related to various aspects of employee experience. A lot of things play an important role in the engagement of employees, such as emotional and physical well-being of employees, employee motivation, employee satisfaction, performance standard, psychological security, etc. There is no short-cut way of measuring employee engagement, as all these factors and more affect employee engagement. For conducting a proper survey, you can go through this checklist-

– Defining what you want to measure

– Deciding how you want to measure employee engagement

– Designing your own employee engagement survey

– Fabricating your questionnaire properly

– Choosing a proper provider for your employee engagement survey

– One-to-one or focus group surveys for making it more personal

– Acting on the results of your survey

Read on to have an in-depth look at these steps. 

Defining What You Want to Measure

The first step of your employee engagement survey should be defining exactly what you want to measure. As employee engagement is a very broad aspect, you can’t dig into all the parts properly. That’s why it’s important that you think about why exactly you want to conduct your employee engagement survey. 

You might want to know about what your company is doing well, and where it needs improvement in terms of employee satisfaction, employee motivation, or overall engagement. This way you will be easily able to dig deeper into specific issues by being sure of exactly what you want to know. 

You can also go in a different way by keeping your survey open-ended. In that case, you won’t have to pre-define the topics. This way you will be able to know about things that you were totally unaware of. You will be able to know if your company lacks opportunities for the development of your employees. Or if they are frustrated by specific decisions made by the higher-ups. You will be able to know many things like this through a proper survey.

Deciding The Way of Measuring

In the next step, you’ll need to measure the results of your survey. If you want to dive into a certain topic, it’s better you design your employee engagement survey in your own way. If there isn’t anything particular on your mind, it’s better that you use a more usual and broader employee engagement survey designed by professionals. 

You also set a time period for your surveys. You can go for monthly surveys, bi-monthly surveys, or even more regular surveys. If the surveys are not conducted regularly, they won’t be much effective or useful for the company. That’s why these “pulse surveys” have become highly popular among companies, as these regular surveys can help you remain informed about the pulse of the things happening inside the company. 

Designing The Survey

If you have made up your mind about how you want to define your survey, and how you will measure it, now it’s time for you to design the survey. If there is a particular topic you will like to dig into, you’ll need to design your employee engagement survey based on that. You can do so by using options like Typeform or Google Forms.

Fabricating Your Questionnaire

While fabricating the questionnaire for your employee engagement survey, you can keep these things in mind-

  • You can go for either close-ended questions or open-ended employee engagement survey questions. If you want the answers to be in binary nature, like yes or no, or good or bad, then it’s better to go for close-ended questions. If you want to draw out more information about something, then it’s better to go for open-ended ones.
  • Keep the survey small and simple. If the survey needs a long time to complete, it’s a lot less likely that they will just feel it up reluctantly and without paying much attention.
  • Be careful to fabricate the questionnaire in a way that they don’t affect the answers of your employees.

Choosing A Proper Tool

You can easily go for the best employee engagement survey tool that will help you with conducting the survey. This way you won’t have to build everything from scratch. A survey can be conducted way more simply, and with much more insight with the help of a proper service provider. While choosing a survey conducting platform or software, make sure that it perfectly suits the needs and preferences of you and your company. 

One-to-One or Focus Group Surveys

In order to tackle poor response or participation rates, you can go for a much more collaborative and candid approach, such as focus groups or one-to-one surveys. They can be highly effective for your company. In terms of focus groups, you can talk about specific issues in a more casual setting with the team members. It can be an effective way for digging into the experience of the employees without defining the responses beforehand with specific survey questions. You can also go for casual one-to-one conversations with the employees in the same manner.

Acting On the Survey Results

Conducting a survey won’t be of any use if you don’t act on the results. If you want to bring a change in the engagement level of your employees, it’s a must that you follow through with the results of your employee engagement survey. You can go for proper actions with a targeted strategy for employee engagement. 

Final Words

Employee engagement is a key factor for the quality of employee happiness, satisfaction, and performance. An engaged workforce is crucial for the success and growth of any company, as they display more productivity, better commitment, and greater motivation. So, it’s important that you make sure your employees are properly engaged with your company, as it’s paramount for the betterment of the company. For doing so, you need to conduct proper surveys to know the engagement level of the employees. You can easily conduct proper employee engagement surveys by going through the aforementioned steps. 

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