How Recognition Impact Employee Engagement and Performance

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how does recognition impact employee engagement

Employee appreciation is a pretty compelling idea in modern business, and it has also been one of the key strategies to improve employee engagement. So, how does recognition impact employee engagement?

The impact of recognition can make your employees stay more productive, punctual, and work in a better and more organized way. That’s not all; it can also make your employees feel valued for their work, motivating them to work better and stay committed.

In this blog, our experts will let you know the positive impacts of recognition and how they can affect your employee engagement.

How Does Recognition Impact Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the dedication your employees have to help the company grow and achieve its goals. It is also a strong emotional and mental link between employees and the company.

Dedicated employees will be more productive and involved when they are recognized for their work and efforts. Business experts believe that employee engagement is a top worldwide business strategy that can help your business to grow.

An engaged employee knows precisely what to do and how to accomplish their tasks effectively. Investing in incentives and recognition programs is a great approach to boost employee engagement.

What is Employee Recognition and How Does it Work?

Employee appreciation is the practice of thanking your employees for their hard work. You’re wrong if you believe sending out awards twice a year and giving top performers gift cards once a year is enough appreciation.

Employee appreciation programs must be timely, regular, and also meaningful. Moreover, your employees must be recognized both publicly and personally. Employee appreciation ideas and programs should be aligned with business goals to make your employees aware of your motive regarding the business.

According to several surveys, organizations across industries found that 55% of R&R initiatives are either marginally coordinated or not aligned at all.

So, here are some of the ways you can recognize your employees for their work and dedication:

  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Birthdays/Anniversaries Milestone Awards
  • Project accomplishment awards

According to research, organizations engaged in employee recognition programs experienced up to a 63% improvement in employee retention and productivity.

The Importance of Employee Recognition and Engagement

Recognition and employee engagement are extremely related to each other. You will be amazed to know how much employee recognition enhances or decreases workplace engagement.

According to research, 84% of HR leaders believe that employee recognition programs increase employee engagement.

Recognizing your employees is the simplest and most effective method to boost your employees’ morale and motivation. The employees who feel appreciated and recognized for their work will tend to be more active at their work.

Business experts say that companies must take effective employee engagement. For instance, open communication and feedback involve acknowledging, celebrating, and rewarding employees for their contributions.

Most managers think employee recognition programs require a large budget and hence avoid them. That’s not true. It is not always necessary to reward your employees with money or presents.

Around 82% of employees value praise over any gifts! Most employees would rather preserve an appreciation email printout than use up gift offers from an organization.

How do Employee Recognition Programs Help?

Retention of Top Performers

Employee retention is a key indicator of an organization’s employee satisfaction. When the recognition program is done correctly, employee recognition ideas can directly improve retention. The reason is recognized employees don’t feel the need to change jobs. They are loved and cherished where they are. So, they tend to stay more committed.

Enhanced Output

Most employees feel that being recognized at work boosts productivity. Employee appreciation programs enhance productivity by up to 14%. According to many business experts, a management-noted behavior is likely to be repeated. So, praising an employee’s productivity increases future productivity.

Lower Absenteeism

Employees try to avoid work when they are not happy or engaged at work. Employees who are properly rewarded and recognized love coming to work. Managers can reduce absenteeism by rewarding and recognizing employees for their performance. Regular attendance helps employees finish tasks on time and meet deadlines.

How to Foster Employee Recognition in the Workplace?

One of the simplest ways to foster employee recognition is to invest in IT (Information Technology). Investing in technologies helps small and large businesses to create and implement employee recognition programs.

These tools help simplify reward and recognition systems and increase participation. Moreover, these tools make it simple to adopt new employee recognition ideas without spending years training employees. So, tools or software like RecognizeApp can help create an appreciation and recognition culture in your workplace.

The Benefits of a Good Reward System

Here are the benefits that you can get from a good reward system in your workplace:

  • Encourage social growth of good wood while promoting desired behaviors.
  • Set positive examples and inspire others.
  • Encourage peer review.
  • Automate recognition workflows.
  • Service milestones might help employees stay loyal.
  • Reduce administrative program costs.
  • Bring culturally appropriate rewards.

Bottom Line

Employees are the company’s backbone. So, creating an environment of employee recognition will boost engagement and organic productivity. Therefore, choose the best recognition rewards for your employees and make them more engaged at work. These are long-term investments that’ll give you more profit in the long run.

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