A List of Meaningful Employee Awards

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Employee Awards

Recognition for a job well done fulfills a basic human need for acknowledgment and affirmation. It also helps to keep staff engaged and motivated. The WorkHuman Research Institute’s study on ROI of achievement recognition found that 82% of employees are more engaged, and 79% involve themselves more when they receive regular recognition for their work. When we are recognized for our contributions, we naturally engage at a higher level and contribute more. Award certificates take recognition a step further by not only showcasing an employee’s achievements but also serving as a memento of accomplishment and appreciation.

Training Completion Awards

From new hire training programs to ongoing professional development courses, many companies offer training programs that are necessary to maintain good standing in their respective industries. Honoring employees for completing training programs can help them feel that their training is important and give them a real sense of achievement.

• Achievement Award
• Healthy Workplace Certification Award
• Expert Award
• Level-Up Award

New Hire Awards

Invest in a new employee’s success by letting them know that they’re off to a great start. What better way to keep that momentum going than to Recognize them for taking all the right first steps?

• Welcome to the Team Award
• Fast Starter Award
• Rockstar Rookie Award
• Ahead of the Curve Award
• Grand Entrance Award
• Icebreaker Award
• Rising Star Award
• Great Addition Award
• The Warm Welcome Award
• The Notable Newcomer Award

Top Performance Awards

Celebrate Awards

Top Performance Awards recognize employees who consistently embrace your company’s values and represent the best that your company or their individual departments have to offer. Whether this certificate is awarded monthly, quarterly, or annually, hard work deserves to be recognized and rewarded!

• Hall of Fame or Leaderboard Award
• Five Star Honors Award
• WOW Award
• Exceeding Expectations Award
• Excellence Award
• Limelight, Spotlight Award
• Shining Star or Super Star Award
Employee of the Month/Quarter/Year Award

Team Performance Awards

It’s important to recognize teams whose collective efforts have been important to your company’s success. These are people who embrace the spirit of teamwork, display positivity and encouragement among teammates and contribute wherever they can. While it shouldn’t be used in place of individual Recognition, it can be used to compliment it!

• Team Spirit Award
• Helping Hands Award
• Shared Vision Award
• Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Award

Sales Awards

Your Sales team is important. They cultivate new opportunities, drive top-line revenue and growth, and help set the tone for your relationships with customers going forward. Recognizing your sales staff for their hard work can help keep them motivated and let them know that you appreciate all that they do!

• Chief Closer Award
• Big Kahuna Award
• Exceeding Sales Goals Award
• Sales Shark Award
• Never Say Never Award
• Rainmaker Award
• Consider it Done Award

Customer Service Awards

Employees in customer service roles are your organization’s front line that represent your brand and help keep your customers happy. Each customer service team member should understand how their work adds value to your business’s growth and success. Recognizing customer service workers for all that they do will show them how much they are valued. Customer Service Week is a good time to honor these employees with awards.

• Customer Service Award
• Hospitality Hero Award
• Customer Champion Award
• Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze Service Award
• Diamond, Ruby, Emerald Service Award
• Star Service Award
• First Class Service Award

Leadership Awards

Leadership awards are generally a company’s highest level of Recognition, acknowledging exemplary leadership that has had a significant and positive impact on your organization.

• Leadership Impact Award
• The Leadership Circle Award
• Outstanding Leadership Award
• The President’s Club/Circle Award
• Executive, Chairman, Leadership Choice Award
• Pinnacle Award
• Circle of Excellence Award
• Honor Club, Diamond Club Award

Peer-to-Peer Award Names

Peer-to-peer recognition can help cultivate a more collaborative, empathetic, and happy work culture. According to a study by Office Vibe, 70% of employees say that having a friend at work is the most crucial element to a happy work life. Additionally, 50% of employees with a best friend at work reported feeling a stronger connection to their organization. Awarding these outstanding teammates can be determined by a vote using Recognize’s Nominations feature, and a physical award can be given to the winner.

•  Standing Ovation Award
•  The People’s Pick Award
•  The Team’s Tribute Award
•  Thank You Award

Volunteer Award Names

Recognizing employees for volunteering can be very valuable to your company. According to research from the University of Georgia Terry College of Business, when employees are recognized for their volunteer work (whether it connects to their work in the office or not), they’re more likely to feel emotionally and mentally satisfied with their job. It can also help inspire more of your staff to get involved!

• Making a Difference Award
• World Changer Award
• Green Machine Award
• Jolly Green Giant Award
• King/Queen of Hearts Award

Safety Awards

Safety awards send strong messages to staff about the value the company places on a safe and healthy workplace. Incentivizing safety and recognizing the employees often uphold company safety standards may go a long way in driving positive safety behavior company-wide.

• Constant Caution Award
• Superbly Safe
• Shield Award
• Safety Star Award
• Hard Hat Award
• Green Cross for Safety Award
• Safety First Award
• Safety Champion Award

Retirement Award Names

Giving a retirement award is the last opportunity you have to show an employee how much you appreciate the hard work they have put in at your company. It also increases the morale of other staff, by showing them that you invest in your employees, and reinforces the values of loyalty, trust, and years of service.

• Leaving a Legacy Award
• Farewell Friend Award
• Dedication and Service Award
• Extraordinary Service Award
• The Last Hurrah Award
• Bon Voyage Award
• Legacy Award

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