Peer Employee Recognition’s peer recognition program empowers employees to acknowledge each other through proven badging mechanics and reinforcing company values. This innovative approach not only boosts morale but also aligns individual contributions with organizational goals. Elevate your company culture with meaningful, value-driven peer recognition.

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Focused on Your Company Values’s peer recognition program allows employees to earn badges that reflect company values, each badge carrying a point value. These points accumulate and can be redeemed for various staff rewards, such as gift cards or swag. This system not only incentivizes positive behavior aligned with company goals but also fosters a culture of continuous appreciation and engagement. By tying recognition to core values, companies reinforce the behaviors that drive success, improve morale, and ensure that contributions are acknowledged in a meaningful way.

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Send badges like "Punctual" and "Innovative"

Track Spot Bonuses

Through daily recognition, HR can utilize recognition data to discover staff members who go above beyond.

Recognize Entire Teams

Reporting shows top employees across activities and company values. Celebrate staff through friendly competition.

Highlight the Best Moments Across Your Communication Tools

Validate recognitions to give extra meaning to staff member's accomplishments.

Increase Retention and Employee Engagement

Recognize is the only employee recognition platform that allows employees to complete tangible tasks setup by managers for promotion in the organization.

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