Recognize takes privacy seriously. That's why admins can change privacy at the company level and employees can change their privacy settings at an individual level.

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Anniversary + birthday user privacy

Even if you still sync birthday information of employees who do not want to celebrate their birthdays, we provide a setting for employees to set their personal birthdays, or anniversaries, to private.

Company wide service anniversary privacy settings in Recognize

Company-wide birthday + service anniversary privacy

Perhaps before you launch your employee recognition program with Recognize you want everyone’s birthdays to be private by default. You can set that up in the settings in your pre-launch setup.

Notification settings for employee recognition messages

Notification settings

Company-wide or individually set, employees, managers, and admins can set up communication choices on automatic emails and recognition notifications.

Setting an employee recognition badge as private in Recognize

Force privacy on employee recognitions

The badges used to symbolize the employee recognition behavior that goes with every recognition in Recognize can be set to private.

That means specific badges, such as a manager recognition only sent once a month worth $50 can be set to private.

Private recognition means it skips the feed of recognitions and only the sender, recipient, manager, and admins can see it.

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Learn more about Recognize & privacy

Recognize provides full visibility and transparency into our data and how we use data. Please visit our User Rights section for more.

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