Employee Recognition for BambooHR

Give recognition to new employees joining the customer support team on Bamboo.


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What you'll need

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Use case

Welcome new employees added to BambooHR with a monetary social employee recognition

When new employees join the company, you want them to feel welcome and that the company cares for them. Send them an official social recognition automatically using Recognize.

BambooHR to Recognize

What Happens

  1. New employee is added to BambooHR

  2. The employee automatically receives a Welcome recognition worth points in Recognize

  3. The whole company can comment and welcome the new staff member

  4. The new staff member can redeem the points in the company rewards catalog

Set Up

  1. Create a welcome badge in Recognize

    In the Recognize admin portal, admins can create a new badge. If you aren’t a customer of Recognize, contact us.

    Creating a welcome employee recognition badge in Recognize
  2. Find BambooHR in Zapier

    Go to Zapier to create a new Zap. A Zap is basically a way to connect one tool with another. In this case, we are connecting BambooHR to Recognize. At the time of this writing, you have to pay for Zapier for this integration.

    Choosing Bamboo in Zapier
  3. Connect Recognize

    Click the + icon in Zapier, and then find and add Recognize.

    If you are an admin of Recognize, you can have the recognition come from the CEO or someone else. Just put in their email address.

    Select the Welcome badge you created in Recognize. Then, write a welcoming message.

    We recommend making this public so the whole company can see it in the Recognize social feed.

    Welcome recognition setup in Zapier based on BambooHR data

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