Employee recognition inside Gmail

Give recognition to recipients of emails with Zapier and Gmail.



The omnipresent cloud-based email tool from Google.

What you'll need

Use case

Give automatic employee recognition for a company value by labeling an email

As a manager, you get a lot of great emails from your staff announcing the completion of projects or closing a deal. Recognize and reward these employees publicly and socially in your company using Recognize and Zapier. Simply add a label to an email and boom, the recognition is sent. That means the sender of the email can get points and rewards.

Emailing someone in Gmail

What Happens

  1. You receive an email from a teammate.

  2. Label the email.

  3. The sender will receive official social recognition worth possibly monetary points.

Set Up

  1. Create a label in Gmail

    Create label in Gmail
  2. Add label to an email

    This will allow you to test it and see sample data.

    A Team Recognition added to an email.
  3. Connect Gmail to Recognize

    Go to https://zapier.com/app/editor.  Sign in to Zapier if you haven’t already.

    Create a new Zap and find Gmail. Select New Labeled Email.



    Gmail Zap
  4. Connect it to Recognize

    Click + to connect Gmail to Recognize. Find Recognize and select the action Create Recognition. You will likely need to authenticate and login to Recognize.

  5. Add details from Gmail to Recognize

    Here’s what your recognition setup should look like in Zapier:

    Sender: Your work email

    Recipient: The sender of the email.

    Message: Find the subject from Gmail and augment it a bit to make it into a recognition. For instance, “For the email titled, ‘[Gmail subject]’.”

    Badge: In this example, I made a label called A Team Recognition. That means I’ll hardcode our badge A Team.

    Privacy: Up to you. Public means the whole company will see it.


    Recognition details for Gmail
  6. Turn it on

    You should be all done. Turn on the Zap and start labeling great emails!

    Testing recognition
  7. Staff get points and rewards

    With Recognize, the recipients of the email recognition will possibly earn points that can go towards rewards. Recognize provides gift cards and a way to provide company items too.

    Target and Amazon gift cards

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