6 Types of Creative Awards for New Employee

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award for new employee

Employee recognition awards are essential to encourage your employees to perform their best and stay up to their game. However, what about your new employees? 

Awards for new employees are just as important for any other employees in the agency or company. When you recognize your new recruits, there are higher chances that they would be more dedicated to performing better and stay more committed to the company. 

There are many ways you can carry out a successful employee awards program and provide effective new employee recognition programs. In this blog post, you’ll know about some of the best awards for new employees so that you can build an iron determination and commitment among them. 

How to Effectively Employ this New Employee Award Recognition Program

We all know that no agency or company is the same, and neither do they all have the same office dynamics or culture. So, it’s obvious that no office will have the same workplace and culture. However, recognizing the employees is a universal strategy that all companies and agencies should implement to bring the best outcome from their employees. 

Here, in this section, you’ll look at some of the best awards for new employees to make them more dedicated and committed to their work and company. 

The Perfect Attendance Recognition Award

Perfect attendance recognition awards demonstrate the employees’ commitment to their jobs. These kinds of behavior and dedication must be acknowledged and recognized. 

Managers can use these awards to recognize the new employees who do not skip work and are highly effective with their performance and work. 

So, congratulating them and giving them public appreciation can be one of the best and most effective ways to recognize and encourage them to perform better. 

Moreover, you can also give them some interesting award names and titles:  

  • Happy Everyday Award
  • Always Present in Office Awards
  • The Consistent One
  • Aced Attendance Awards
  • Always on Time Awards

These titles and names can surely be an interesting recognition award for your new employees and effective. 

Team Player Awards

When a team works particularly effectively and achieves outstanding outcomes as a result of their strong teamwork goals, they deserve recognition. 

However, if you see that the new employees are adjusting with their teams and are giving their best efforts to become team players for their departments, then you can surely encourage them by recognizing some interesting and fascinating names. 

Here are a few suggestions for unique award titles for such teams:

  • The Best Helping Hands
  • Squad Goals
  • Super Department
  • The Best Squad
  • Synergic Force

As a manager or HOD (Head of Department), you can surely give these titles and names to those employees who are perfect as team players.

The Best Customer Service Awards

Customer service awards are for those who go beyond the call of duty to keep customers happy and satisfied. 

You can always appreciate those new employees who always give their best to keep the customers happy and updated.  

Here are a few customer service award titles to show your appreciation for their efforts:

  • Customer Satisfyer
  • Customer Comforter
  • Joy Givers
  • Super Client Satisfyer
  • Customers’ Favorite

These names will surely keep your employees motivated and committed to their service and dedication.

The Most Loyal One Awards

These are recognitions for employee loyalty and commitment to the company or agency. Tenure awards enable you to honor employees who have chosen to stay with you and contribute to your success. 

Consider rewarding these employees with some interesting and motivating name titles: 

  • The HOD’s Right Hand
  • The Dependable One
  • The Most Loyal
  • The Committed One

Top Performer Awards

Performance awards or performance recognition awards are entirely dependent on an employee’s productivity and work efficiency. 

You can present this award and recognize those employees who excel at their tasks, deadlines, and are the best at what they do no matter how challenging the situations might be. 

The following are some unique employee recognition ideas with titles that best describe such employees: 

  • The Department’s Gem
  • The Shining Start
  • The Alpha Employee
  • Prime Employee
  • Pinnacle Performer

Peer-to-Peer Recognition Awards

These awards are presented by colleagues, to those team members whom they think are an asset to the department. 

Employees select a peer who demonstrates friendliness, loyalty, reliability, and kindness throughout their job and has helped the department in achieving extraordinary accomplishments. 

Here are a few reward suggestions for those outstanding colleagues: 

  • The Team’s Key Player
  • The Helping Hand
  • The All-Round Performer
  • The Caring Award

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Name some fun awards for the employees

Here are some of the interesting and fun names that you can give to your employees:

  • The Human Encyclopedia
  • Office Mr. Bean
  • The Social Director
  • The Office Beatboxer
  • The Public Speaker

Q. Why are appreciation awards so important?

Recognition and appreciation are pretty powerful motivators to increase productivity, performance, morale, and employee retention. Moreover, these recognitions can also help your employees to stay up to their game and deliver the best of services for the company.

Q. How to get a recognition award from your manager?

Prove that you are a person whom your manager can rely on and won’t have to worry about the quality and performance of your work. Moreover, when you are dedicated and provide the best results, your manager will consider giving you a recognition award. 

Bottom Line

There are numerous ways to motivate and encourage your employees, and providing award titles is one of the best ways to recognize your new employees. 

Create awards for new employees that showcase your company’s culture. Moreover, create an amazing employee recognition program that acts as the most effective tool for attracting new talents and retaining employees.

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