7 Heartfelt Employee Engagement Activities for Valentine’s Day

employee engagement activities for valentine's day

Since Valentine’s day is the day of love, everyone deserves to feel loved on this joyous occasion. No matter if someone has a special person in their life or not. You can show appreciation to your beloved employees at the workplace on this day. As many of them won’t be able to spend time with their loved ones due to work, you can arrange something nice for them at the workplace to make them feel better and more engaged.  You can easily find fun and new ways to appreciate your employees and enhance their engagement level with the workplace on this special occasion. 

You might want to know what special measures you can take at your workplace on the day of love to increase the engagement level of your employees. In this article, we have put together a list of engagement activities that you can incorporate for your employees on Valentine’s day. 

You can keep implementing various activities at your workplace to enhance the engagement level of your employees throughout the year. But you can try taking a different approach by implementing valentines day activities for work. You can try providing a touch of love in the employee engagement activities you want to organize on that day. You can try making your employees feel loved, acknowledged, and recognized on this special day through these activities. There are many kinds of such activities that you can go for on the day of love.

Here are some valentine’s day employee engagement ideas that you can implement at your workplace-

Sending Fun Valentines Day Cards

You can follow a very popular tradition of sending out valentines day cards to your employees. You can make your employees feel appreciated and generate nice vibes around the office with these fun valentines cards. You can write nice and heartwarming messages like “ I really love working alongside you” on those cards to make those feelings long-lasting and get your employees to feel highly engaged with the workplace. This is one of the coolest valentine’s day ideas for the office.

Hosting a Breakfast

You can arrange a special breakfast for your employees at the office. You can either grab pancakes, pastries, and bagels for the office as a part of Valentine’s day breakfast or order favorite items from your employees. It will make your employees feel happy and loved. They will get highly engaged with the workplace. 

Swapping Office Valentines

You can try increasing employee engagement by inviting your employees to participate in a specific valentines day event. You can make them swap valentines among each other. In this case, they will be swapping valentines day cards that will be work-appropriate. They can fill out the valentines day cards and sneak them onto their colleague’s desks. They can also directly hand over the cards to their colleagues, and radiate good vibes with warm messages. This will create a festive atmosphere in the office, and your employees will feel highly encouraged too.

Setting Up A Valentines Day Picture Wall

A really fun way to celebrate the day of love at your office can be by setting up a picture wall. You can put up this wall physically at the office, or you can create a picture board online. On the picture board, you can add pictures of your employees and add nice words there to make them feel highly appreciated. Valentine’s day art, little notes of appreciation, and also small cards with recognition can make the picture board really beautiful and engaging. Your employees will also feel highly engaged. 

Gift Cards for Romantic Dinners

You can help the employees enjoy Valentine’s Day with their special persons by providing them with gift cards to nice restaurants. This way they can take their loved ones out to dinner easily, and have a romantic and beautiful night. They will be able to spend quality time with their loved ones courtesy of you. If anyone doesn’t even have a special someone, they can go out with their friends to have fun. 

Getting Everyone Lunch

Everyone doesn’t have the luck to get flowers or surprise candlelight dinners on this day. But you can turn the day into a special one for all of your employees by arranging a surprise lunch party for them. You can either take your employees out to a nice place to arrange this lunch party, or you can get their favorite dishes delivered at the office. You can show your appreciation and gratitude towards them over the shared lunch. All these will make them feel really special and appreciated. They will feel more engaged too.

Providing Early Leaves

On valentines day, your employees that have partners might want to spend some quality time with them. They might either want to go out for dinner, a movie, or some other fun activity with their loved ones. Or they might just want to spend more time with them at home. Either way, you can give them the opportunity to do so comfortably by letting them leave early on valentines day. This will make your employees feel highly valued and appreciated. They will feel highly engaged with the company too. 

Final Words

Enhancing employee engagement at the workplace is really important. If you go through proper activities to increase the engagement level of your employees with their work and the workplace, it will help highly motivate your employees, and boost their morale to keep doing a better job for the company. It will also drive them to bring in better results, and reach company goals effectively. An engaged workforce is essential for any company to enjoy massive success and growth. That’s why it’s important that you implement specific activities that will get your employees engaged, even more on Valentine’s Day so that they feel loved and appreciated too.