Engaging Employees and Celebrating Top Performers

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Engaging employees at all levels and recognizing the contributions of top performers are essential to fostering a positive and productive workplace environment. We’re sharing some effective ways to achieve this!

Utilize Recognize’s Announcement Feature

Announce the top senders and receivers of recognition within your organization using Recognize’s Announcement feature. This not only highlights the individuals who are actively participating in the recognition program but also encourages other employees to get involved.

Send Additional Recognition

Consider sending special recognition to these top senders and receivers, either overall or by specific badges. This can help to reinforce the value of participation and make these employees feel appreciated.

Try Out Recognize’s Random Recognition Picker

Add an element of fun and surprise by using Recognize’s random recognition picker. This can be a great way to ensure that recognition is spread throughout the organization and not just among the top performers. It’s also great for non-monetary programs or in cases where the budget is tight – it provides a layer of incentive without breaking the bank!

Set and Communicate Program Goals

Set and communicate clear recognition and engagement goals for your team. Celebrate milestones and achievements within your programs at team gatherings to foster a sense of progress and accomplishment.

Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries

Never miss an opportunity to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries, and make sure you’ve taken the time to learn about individual employee celebration preferences. These personal milestones are an excellent opportunity to show employees that they are valued, and you want to make sure employees are celebrated in a comfortable way.

In-Person Celebrations

When possible, print and present certificates of recognition for top employees during in-person celebrations. This can create a memorable experience and demonstrate the organization’s appreciation in a more tangible way. It also offers additional visibility for your programs.

Introduce an Above and Beyond Program

If you’re interested in a more formal approach to top performers, you can introduce an employee of the month program or peer-chosen nomination program that elevates employees for specific awards. Introducing an above and beyond program can provide ongoing motivation for employees to excel in their roles.

Offer Incentives and Opportunities

Regularly announce upcoming opportunities for employees to earn points or other incentives. This could include special tasks, nomination campaigns, or specific time periods where senders of recognition can earn points. Providing these unique opportunities can keep employees interested and excited about participating in your recognition programs.

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