How Employee Motivation Increases Employee Retention

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role of motivation in employee retention

No matter what size of business you run, as a leader, it’s your prime responsibility to keep your employees up to their full potential. 

Employee retention and motivation are interrelated with one another. The role of motivation in employee retention is the key to keeping your employees productive and committed to the work. Moreover, it’ll also bring professionalism and commitment to the workforce which will sync all the employees to grow and build your business.

So, to increase the productivity of your employees, motivation and recognition can be one of the most significant ways of doing it. 

Top 5 Roles of Motivation in Employee Retention

There are many ways to improve employee motivation in the workplace, but not all the methods might be effective. It entirely depends on the workplace and the type of employees you have. However, as a team leader or manager, the most important aspect that you need to have is to find the right proportion of effective team management and motivation to lead your team from the front. 

Here are the top 5 ways you can motivate your team and ensure to bring the best out of them to aid grow your business.  

1. Provide Them With Advanced Opportunities

Most of the employees leave their jobs for many reasons, like lack of proper management, non-adjustable corporate culture, office politics, lack of motivation and opportunities, and many more.

So, to encourage your employees to stay committed to your company, you need to establish a clear pathway for them to grow and promise advanced opportunities. When you make your employees believe that you care for their growth and give them the platform to express their ideas, this would automatically encourage them to be more committed and effective with their work.

2. Appreciate Their Accomplishments

Constructive criticism is essential for any of your employees to learn from their mistakes, however, this should be a healthy criticism, not an insult or personal attack. Your employees are the backbone of your company, so you won’t want them to stay demotivated and afraid while working under your supervision. 

So, along with criticism, you also need to appreciate them for their accomplishments whether it be a successful task completion or any personal achievements. Motivational emails to the team are an excellent idea for that. Appreciation and recognition would always motivate your employees to lift up their game and produce the best results that can actually help your business to grow. 

3. Company Culture and Community Matters

Your employees spend a lot of time on the job. Around 2,000 hours are spent each year only in the workplace. So, motivating and encouraging them with a positive work culture is important to make them valued and cared for. 

Conducting a culture fit assessment throughout the hiring process allows you to hire employees who are goal-oriented and can contribute to the success of the team. 

Therefore, building a positive, healthy, and friendly workplace culture would always motivate your employees to stay attached and efficient with your company. 

4. Ask for All Kinds of Feedbacks

Whether it be a new recruit or an old employee, it’s necessary that you ask for feedback from each and every one of them. Asking for feedback doesn’t mean you’ll only take reports of their performance and tasks. Make sure that you know how they are feeling, whether they are too stressed or not, or any other issues. 

When you take this feedback, your employees will feel more connected with you and this would also motivate them to be more productive and committed to your company.

5. Be Transparent With Your Employees

The majority of employees prefer to share news about their work or regular life. However, if you ignore and don’t let them open up to you, then you’ll never be able to understand your employees. 

So, it’s important that you are transparent with your employees. Moreover, allowing your employees to stay engaged and connected with you will increase their trust in you. And this is one of the most effective motivational strategies in the workplace.  

Maintain transparency with employees regarding business decisions like strategies, growth targets, commission rates, and many more. 

However, when you make decisions on your own, it’ll only result in dissatisfaction and disengagement. So, an open-door policy increases your workforce’s collective motivation and keeps people dedicated to your business’s direction.

Bottom Line

Demotivated employees at work are more likely to quit your company and seek alternative options. To keep them committed to your company, you need to make sure that you, as a leader or a manager, are providing them a positive work culture, the right proportion of criticism and motivation, and recognition for achievements. 

Giving them the opportunity to grow and learn will always motivate them to stay by your side and be more productive and effective at work.

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